Protect Transport Train is a mission in Armored Core: Last Raven.


Requester: Alliance Tactical Unit

Operation Area: Ruga Tunnel

Objectives: Ensure the transport train's safe passage

Rewards: 120,000c, YC09-APOLLON

Mission SummaryEdit

This mission request has been issued by Alliance's Tactical Unit and involves protecting one of their transport trains.

The supplies onboard the train must reach Alliance's forces.

Ed Weisz


"This is an emergency request. Ruga Tunnel has been captured by one of the warlords."

"It appears that they've done so in order to launch an attack on a transport train scheduled to pass through the area shortly."

"Head to the tunnel and make sure that any attempts to destroy the train are thwarted"

"We've confirmed the presence of enemy tanks in the region, but don't know for certain if this is the extent of the deployed force. Proceed with care."

"We need the supplies on that train to carry out our attack on Vertex headquarters. Make sure it gets through the area unharmed."


Sheila:The train will arrive shortly.

Sheila:Start clearing the area.

Sheila:They're firing missiles at the train!

Sheila:The train got through. Mission successful.

Sheila:Nice work, Raven.

Situation ReportEdit

The warlord involved in the attack on the transport train has sided with Vertex in the past, but they've never carried out a direct attack like this before.

Vertex must be leaning on them, which means Vertex is getting desperate.

Ed Weisz


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