Professor Jarnefeldt is the father of Fiona Jarnefeldt and an engineer/scientist who appears in Armored Core 4.

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As a genius engineer, Professor Jarnefeldt is stated to be one of the key developers of the NEXT as well as many technological advancements. He single-handedly supplied the core of Anatolia's prosperity with the profits from his designs and creations. Some of these designs include the AMS NEXT control system, the 00-ARETHA, and the Prototype NEXTs.

After he died, Anatolia entered a state of economic crisis, leaving its welfare to Emil Gustav, a member of his development staff.


  • Although it is never explicitly stated or mentioned, it is implied that Professor Jarnefeldt may have worked for Rayleonard, explaining the similarity between Jarnefeldt's designs and Rayleonard's.

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