Pin Fire - Emblem

Pin Fire's Emblem

Pin Fire is a Raven in Armored Core: Nexus and is the father of Rim Fire, who would later take his name in Armored Core: Last Raven. He is ranked 9th in the Arena.


A cold and calculating man, Pin Fire takes delight in making his opponents suffer before dying. He is considered very skilled and maintains a high rank among the Ravens. During the course of the Mirage/Navis conflict, he is hired by Navis to protect the Borbos Mine. Near the entrance of the mine, he encountered the Raven and was killed in the ensuing battle. His son, Rim Fire, would end up donning a similar AC and continuing his father's legacy. Rim Fire tried to challenge his father's killer, but was defeated. He survived, though.

AC Bullet LifeEdit

AC Bullet Life

AC Bullet Life

Mid to heavyweight Quad-leg AC model with unique tan on black camouflage that has impressive close-range damage potential.

Attacks launched by both machine guns simultaneously are truly devastating; its only true weakness is its lack of ammo, but the pilot's skill makes up for this.

He utilizes a large amount of ballistic weaponry, his most notable being twin FINGER hand mounted machine guns on either AC arm to release a phalanx burst of rounds to shred opponents. The AC is also capable of mid range combat with its chain gun and micro missiles.

Ordinarily, Bullet Life would overheat in seconds with its GULL-KUJAKU combination, but the OP-INTENSIFY abilities render this a non issue. Balanced defense rounds out this unit and makes it a very dangerous foe in close quarters combat.


Ensure that you stay away from Rim Fire at all costs; the twin FINGERs will shred any AC that gets close. Sure they only have 250 rounds each, but their combined attack power is insurmountable. He also likes to attack with micro missiles plus extensions at longer ranges but these can be dodged. He also has twin SYLPH machine guns as a hanger part meaning that the punishment continues. Typically if one of the FINGERs runs out he'll switch over to the chain gun.

While it is possible to take him out in a tank, the FINGERs are hard to beat in a damage race. Grenade Launchers, Laser Cannons and an EO core are a must to win. He's also very agile meaning that you need to be quick on the draw to be able to defeat him. A better option is to try and outflank him. Missiles like the CENTAUR are good as they're harder to intercept. Stay at longer ranges and he'll become less of a threat.


Pin Fire's version Edit

Rim Fire's version Edit


Pin Fire's and Rim Fire's ACs are not entirely the same, although they share in common the dual-wielding of the FINGER machine guns and having OP-I abilities.


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