Pin Fire - Emblem

Pin Fire's Emblem

Pin Fire is a Raven in Armored Core: Nexus and is the father of Rim Fire, who would later take his name in Armored Core: Last Raven. He is ranked 9th in the Arena.


A cold and calculating man, Pin Fire takes delight in making his opponents suffer before dying. He is considered very skilled and maintains a high rank among the Ravens. During the course of the Mirage/Navis conflict, he is hired by Navis to protect the Borbos mine; there, he encounters the Raven and is killed in the ensuing battle. His son, Rim Fire, would end up donning a similar AC and continuing his fathers legacy.

AC Bullet LifeEdit

AC Bullet Life

AC Bullet Life

Highly agile quad-leg design capable of unleashing a heavy barrage of fire at close-range. Extra ammunition storage enhances its combat duration.




Pin Fire's and Rim Fire's ACs are not entirely the same, although they share in common the dual-wielding of the FINGER machine guns and having OP-I abilities.


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