I started this list so that the low number of players on ACFA ( and AC other games if still online) can organize. I reccommend listing your PSN/XBL name, when you normally play, and your combat style.

PSN/XBL NameEdit

Alla293 for PSN

R-e-n-n-a-t for PSN


zooperman922- PSN


Shark VIII - XBL

Your AC's NameEdit

R-e-n-n-a-t = Aetherbeast

Sentry0105=Burning Rain

ParryACO = Guilty Gears

Shark VIII = Superbia

Alla293= Pandora

Time PlayingEdit

R-e-n-n-a-t = sometimes on weeks 8:00 to 9:00 pm, on weekends generally all day

ParryACO: Most of the time I'm online, just send an Friend invite or a PM

Shark VIII = Seldom online due to the amount of college assignments :(

Alla293= I'm usaully on most of the time,just invite or friend me.

Combat TypeEdit

R-e-n-n-a-t = medium light AC with dual rifles and multi-missile launchers. I launch a volley of missiles, then swoop in while people are busy dodging them.

Sentry0105=middle-weight AC with CANOPUS, MOONLIGHT, and a range of long-range weaponry. Railcannon from a distance, then assault armour blitzkreig all the way home.

Parry's type: Highly aggressive combat style with mid to close range weaponry. Heavies, lights, mids and quads. No quarter given, a dollar taken.

Shark VIII = Middle-Heavy Weight AC equipped with OGOTO grenade launcher, SALINE missiles coupled with MUSKINGUM2 relation missiles, ACACIA assault rifle, and of course, the MOONLIGHT blade. I prefer to go aerial and launch a (sorta) missile blitzkrieg, coupled with calculated grenade shots, and then move in to cripple it's PA with the assault rifle and try my luck with the blade, if the enemy's AP is already somewhat low, I'll risk pulling an Assault Armor to finish it off quickly.

Alla293= medium heavy AC with a rifle, a moonlight blade, and a lot of missiles, I usually go aerial and shoot a volley of missiles and then get in close and blade.An Aggressive style with barley any rest.

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