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General information
Current statusOperational
Affiliation and corporate information
AffiliationThe League
SpecialtyKojima Weaponry
Notable employeesCelo
Joshua O'Brien
Mido Auriel
ConflictsNational Dismantlement War
Lynx War
Economic War
Real world information
UniverseAC4 Universe
First appearedArmored Core 4
Appears inArmored Core 4
Armored Core: For Answer

Omer Science Technology is a West Asian military company with superior political power and high standing within both the League and Collared. They would play a significant role through the entirety of the Armored Core 4 sequence.


Like Akva Vit, they are one of two companies to find success developing Kojima Technology independently. At the time of the National Dismantlement War, they were considered to be a subsidiary of Rosenthal. They had a deep rivalry with Akva Vit, since the two companies were considered leaders in the Kojima tech field.

Armored Core 4Edit

Omer decided to align with GA during the Lynx War, as this provided them with the perfect opportunity to engage in open warfare with the Rayleonard group, their Kojima rivals. Omer's executives were also able to obtain Rosenthal's support, after which they became much more powerful within the Rosenthal group.

Unfortunately, as luck would have it, Omer was quickly forced onto the sidelines due to suffering heavy losses. Although they avoided direct engagement from then on, they relied on the assistance of a rising LYNX by the name of Joshua O'Brian to fight for them.

Omer's LINX Mido Auriel took part in the Battle of the Abandoned City, alongside Rosenthal's Leonhardt, and The Anatolia's Mercenary, working under contract to GA at this time. The three of them together were able to take out #01 Berlioz and his elite NEXT Squadron.

Shortly afterward, Omer forced Joshua O'Brian to attack Anatolia (presumably under threat of Aspina's destruction), piloting a Prototype NEXT named the 00-ARETHA in a battle against Anatolia's Mercenary, his friend. Although Joshua appears to have damaged Anatolia, the Anatolia's Mercenary's intervention was enough to save the colony, and Joshua died when the ARETHA's core exploded after being defeated.

Armored Core: For AnswerEdit

Omer gained a firm technological advantage when they took in a number of engineers from Rayleonard after it fell in the Lynx War. They are in competition with TORUS over Kojima Technology, due to TORUS containing elements of Akva Vit (and whatever Rayleonard engineers in Akvavit's service at the time of its collapse) in its infrastructure.

By the time of Armored Core: For Answer, Omer has seized power within the League of Ruling Companies, although it has failed to achieve complete hegemony due to the independent streak of such groups as GA and TORUS. It is now more powerful than Rosenthal.

Lynx Employed (Lynx, NEXT)Edit

Lynx Name Next NameRankOriginalCurrent StatusAppearances
CeloTestament6YesKIA, defeated by Anatolia's Mercenary in Seed a Barren EarthAC4
CUBEFragile17NoDisabled in mission Defend Line ArkAC:FA
Joshua O'BrienWhite Glint40NoKIA, defeated by Anatolia's Mercenary in Seed a Barren EarthAC4
Mido AurielNull30NoKIA, defeated by Berlioz's unit alongside LeonhardtAC4
OtsdarvaStasis1NoKIA, killed by the Raven in Attack on Arteria Cranium/ killed

by the Raven in Occupation of Arteria Carpals


Omer Science's NEXT SchematicsEdit

NEXT Schematics Utilizing Omer PartsEdit


Parts Introduced in Armored Core 4Edit


Part ID PriceWeightEN CostUnlockedNotes
HD-HOLOFERNES 350,000C1401240Finish NDP-S001 Data PackExperimental new lightweight part.
HD-JUDITH 235,000C2701170ShopIngenious part with PA upgrade and basic balance.


Part ID PriceWeightEN CostUnlockedNotes
AM-JUDITH 390,000C18601920 ShopLightweight low-impact part with balanced performance.


Part ID PriceLeg TypeWeightEN CostUnlockedNotes
LG-JUDITH 390,000CBiped41805540ShopWell-balanced biped legs with light weight.


Part ID PriceWeightEN DrainUnlockedNotes
FS-JUDITH 285,000C28546ShopA part with high lock-on speed and balanced performance.


Part ID PriceWeightEN OutputUnlockedNotes
GN-JUDITH 670,000C41530818ShopLightweight, balanced part for a wide variety of uses.

Main BoosterEdit

Part ID PriceWeightEN DrainUnlockedNotes
CB-JUDITH 430,000C246336ShopA part with enhanced lift for sustained aerial combat.

Side BoosterEdit

Part ID PriceWeightEN DrainUnlockedNotes
AB-HOLOFERNES 370,000C289121Desert Wolf (Hard Mode)A part with a new QB for longer jet activity.
AB-JUDITH 265,000C21166ShopLightweight part with sustainability and reliability.

Over BoosterEdit

Part ID PriceWeightEN DrainUnlockedNotes
KB-JUDITH 415,000C368418ShopGeneral use part with efficiency and lighter weight.
KB-PALLAS 395,000C527625ShopHigh-grade part with perfectly balanced performance.

Arm WeaponsEdit

Part ID PriceWeapon TypeWeightEN CostUnlockedNotes
EB-O305 250,000CLaser Blade3551116ShopA highly adaptable new model with an especially long blade.
EB-O600 375,000CLaser Blade280513ShopA small-scale storable laser blade.
ER-O200 200,000CLaser Rifle723556ShopA laser rifle with low EN use for mobile combat.

Back WeaponsEdit

Part ID PriceWeapon TypeWeightEN CostUnlockedNotes
EC-O300 300,000CLaser Cannon1136721ShopA well-balanced, light and energy-efficient laser cannon.
EC-O307AB 1,300,000CLaser Cannon26091095Marche Au Supplice (Hard Mode)This large custom laser cannon fires 3 shots at a time.
MP-O200 100,000CScatter Missile692881ShopScatter missiles that fly as a wall of explosives.
MP-O200I 300,000CScatter Missile6441156ShopScatter missiles upgraded for a larger number of missiles.
MP-O203 400,000CScatter Missile6241217ShopScatter missiles that fly in a broad horizontal spread.
MP-O601JC 1,100,000CPM Missile712736Seed a Barren Earth (Hard Mode)Difficult to avoid, PM missiles strike target flanks.
RDF-O200 100,000CRadar512244ShopThis balanced radar unit offers a quick refresh rate.

Shoulder WeaponsEdit

Part ID PriceWeapon TypeWeightEN CostUnlockedNotes
AR-O401 450,000CECM Maker316425ShopScattering ECM device which impedes radar function.

Parts Introduced in Armored Core: For AnswerEdit


Part ID PriceWeightEN CostUnlockedNotes
HD-LAHIRE 500,000C2161286ShopOmer's latest part that boasts high rectification.


Part ID PriceWeightEN CostUnlockedNotes
CR-LAHIRE 500,000C18512596ShopOld Rayleonard technology. Omer's latest part. Boasts excellent air power.


Part ID PriceWeightEN CostUnlockedNotes
AM-LAHIRE 500,000C15672233ShopA less durable part that places emphasis on PA use and mobility.


Part ID PriceLeg TypeWeightEN CostUnlockedNotes
LG-LAHIRE 500,000CBiped38185787ShopLightweight biped legs optimized for high speed combat styles.


Part ID PriceWeightEN DrainUnlockedNotes
FS-LAHIRE 575,000C28480ShopA close combat FCS with a superior lock-on speed and refresh rate.


Part ID PriceWeightEN OutputUnlockedNotes
GN-LAHIRE 775,000C90034454ShopA lightweight part utilizing former Rayleonard generator technology.
GN-SOBRERO 850,000C45035564ShopExperimental part provided by Aspina. Specialized for EN output only.

Main BoosterEdit

Part ID PriceWeightEN DrainUnlockedNotes
CB-LAHIRE 375,000C218379ShopA lightweight booster with a longer quick jet duration.

Back BoosterEdit

Part ID PriceWeightEN DrainUnlockedNotes
LB-LAHIRE 375,000C146315ShopThis back booster is known for the length of its quick boost propulsion.

Side BoosterEdit

Part ID PriceWeightEN DrainUnlockedNotes
AB-LAHIRE 375,000C238186ShopThis lightened Cougar part retains all of its high performance and power.

Over BoosterEdit

Part ID PriceWeightEN DrainUnlockedNotes
KRB-JUDITH 490,000C429655ShopOmer's first OB with Assault Armor. Designed for old standard crafts.
KRB-LAHIRE 775,000C409725ShopA lighter, more powerful Assault Armor equipped OB.
KRB-PALLAS 490,000C638749ShopThe most common Assault Armor equipped OB part.
KRB-SOBRERO 850,000C331824ShopOmer's experimental OB with improved Assault Armor capabilities.

Arm WeaponsEdit

Part ID PriceWeapon TypeWeightEN CostUnlockedNotes
AR-O700 250,000CAssault Rifle589163ShopOmer's latest assault rifle evolving from former Rayleonard's MARVE
EB-O700 250,000CLaser Blade313927ShopA storable laser blade that can be engaged extremely quickly.
EG-O703 250,000CPulse Gun369708ShopA storable pulse gun, similar in feel to a shotgun.
ER-O705 400,000CLaser Rifle1616650ShopA highly advanced experimental weapon similar to a laser bazooka.
KB-O004 200,000CKojima Blade6461890ShopA special close-range weapon that causes a large-scale Kojima explosion.
SG-O700 250,000CShotgun511189ShopA shotgun that fires highly concentrated shots. Very destructive up close.

Back WeaponsEdit

Part ID PriceWeapon TypeWeightEN CostUnlockedNotes
ACB-O710 250,000CAdd Main Booster49896ShopBooster used to increase forward boost speed. Works well with a laser blade.
MP-O700 250,000CScatter Missile682965ShopDistributed guide missiles for close-range combat.
MP-O901 350,000CPM Missile508840ShopDifficult to avoid PM missiles that strike from above.
RDF-O700 250,000CRadar129154ShopRadar with a high refresh rate designed for close-range, high speed combat.

Shoulder WeaponsEdit

Part ID PriceWeapon TypeWeightEN CostUnlockedNotes
ASB-O710 250,000CAdd Side Booster970300ShopAdditional booster to increase horizontal quick boost ability.

Arms FortsEdit


  • Omer/Omar is a common name in Middle East, Levant and North Africa. It is also an ancient Jewish unit of measurement, equal to roughly 3.64 litres.
  • Omer Science's partnership with Rosenthal, a name of German origin associated with Jewish diaspora, hints at Omer Science being Israeli in origin.
  • Omer helped fund Orca Brigade. While the reason is unknown, it could be to destroy the Assault Cells without dirty its hands and compromise its place.


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