NEXTs are the Fourth generation of Armored Cores in the Armored Core 4's new continuity.


Ambient, an example of a NEXT.


NEXTs were developed in secret by the corporations in preparation for the National Dismantlement War. Designed as the next generation Armored Core, NEXTs were designed with capabilities far and beyond surpassing that of their older cousins. They are equipped with cutting edge Kojima technology, including Primal Armor, Assault Armor, and extensive boost capabiliites, such as Overboost and Quick boost. Their armor is of higher quality, and thus the amount of AP they possess is greater than that of a Normal (7000-12000 for a Normal, 27000-61000 for a NEXT). On top of this, their weaponry is also of a higher grade, with many weapons capable of destroying Normals in a single shot.

NEXTs are also equipped with a revolutionary new piloting system, called Allegorical Manipulation System, which allows for astounding 1:1 lightning fast manipulation. This key difference also limits who can pilot NEXTs, mainly only LINX, who have a special psychic trait. Unlike previous generations, NEXTs come in production models, meaning that a Lynx could start off with a choice of different fully built NEXTs and choose later to customize it as they please

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