The Murakumo Escapee is a person seen in the original Armored Core and is the main enemy in the mission Destroy Plus Escapee.

Heat Wave

PLUS Escapee Heat Wave Custom


A former Raven, the Escapee either was forced or volunteered to be part of Murakumo's Human PLUS project. Either way, he became mentally deranged as a result of the experiment and escaped from them to go on a rampage. He wipes out multiple security teams before ending up in a deserted construction site. He is killed by the Raven.

He also appears in the Armored Core: Nexus REVOLUTION disc remake of the mission.


The escapee uses one of the rarer Heat Wave GP-AC models that rarely appeared throughout Armored Core. It's primary weapon is a bazooka rifle and is capable of flying almost indefinitely. This makes it hard to fight in open areas. Thankfully, it is far less durable than a normal Armored Core.


  • The Escapee's AC has an eerily distinct whistle-like booster sound. It has a higher pitch compared to other GP-AC model's booster sound, lending to the already dark atmosphere in the mission.