March Au Supplice

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Marche Au Supplice is the one of the final missions of Armored Core 4.


Client: Rosenthal

Area: Abandoned City

Objective: Destroy Enemy NEXTs


Lets confirm the mission. You'll report to the Abandoned City area to provide backup for allies engaging an enemy squad of super-elite NEXTs.

There are four NEXTs in total, and each LYNX is a top-numbered Original. Be especially careful of Number 1, Berlioz.

Berlioz's record in battle is peerless. He's extremely flexible in his thinking - unusual among Originals. He'll use parts made by any Company to win, and no one can argue with the results.

This mission is extremely dangerous. Fighting multiple NEXTs simultaneously will undoubtedly prove your harshest challenge yet.

Those are your orders... Don't die out there.

Special BriefingEdit

You were astounding out there, I can still barely believe it!

All of this is so unfair to ask of you. Once the war is over, lets get away from all this.

You should get some rest now. Sleep well soldier.


The mission is to eliminate Rayleonard's squad of elite NEXTs, of which there are four in total. The enemy NEXTs are already battling with the player's allies by the time they reach the mission area, and the chaos can making fighting complicated. The mission ends once all enemy NEXTs are destroyed.

Hard Mode Differences: The player's allies have already been defeated before the mission begins, and all four enemy NEXTs will be focusing on the player.




One of the most effective methods for dealing with the enemy NEXTs is to use dual HLC02-SIRIUS back-mounted Hi-Lasers mounted on a frame with minimal energy consumption. Using a NEXT with high defense can help to alleviate the threat of the enemies' varied firepower, although this will sacrifice mobility. It should take between four and five shots from the HLC02-SIRIUS to destroy each enemy NEXT. Another strategy is to use grenades since they have a large blast radius and heavy damage. The opponents will begin closing on you and cannot avoid to bump into each other so a simple blast from OGOTO or SAKUNAMI is enough to hurt them. Using a KIRITUMI-TELLUS hybrid or HOGIRE-TELLUS hybrid is needed to survive the full brunt of the opponent's assault along with a high supply of energy to bring the fight to the sky. Remember, your shots are more accurate in the sky and dodging bullets coming from the sky is harder.

Due to the fact that Hilarios still needs to charge her Kojima Cannons and rarely fires it, you may ignore her for the whole of the fight. The ACs you need to avoid and remove first are Supplice and Roughcut. A bang from Supplice's OGOTO hurts a lot while Roughcut's laser rifle is a pain in the ass. Red Cap will also rarely use his sniper cannon so no heavy damage is expected to come from him.

The technique, is to first separate Supplice from Hilarios because Hilarios will get in the way and your shots will be directed at her. Get her away from the gang first. Next, take down Supplice. Using a LAURA, BLUEXS, or YELLOWSTONE 03 will let you strike Supplice down since he rarely jumps and he only uses his quickboost to the sides. Avoiding his shots will be easier if you fix your camera at him and maintain your position in the sky, since you will be able to know when he fires the OGOTO. After taking him down, drop down and confirm Red Cap's position. He tends to go near Roughcut so taking him down might also deal some damage to Roughcut due to the SIRIUS's inhumanely sized shots and OGOTO's large grenade blast radius.  Taking Red Cap down is as easy as taking a walk in the park. Next is Roughcut. Force him into the buildings and take to the sky, he tends to jump a lot so the buildings will block his quickboosts.  Be careful and time your shots, Roughcut is a tricky player but also an easy target practice without space to go to in order to evade your shots. The last is Hilarios, the weakling. Just go away from her line of sight, and take to the sky.  She is also quick because of the frame that she uses, but her pattern is just going back and forth or left to right in her position. Four to three shots, and she's down.

If you're doing it in Normal Mode, the HOGIRE-TELLUS with SIRIUS is highly reccomended since you won't need to worry about missing your shots and taking too much damage. In Hard Mode, the KIRITUMI-TELLUS with all four kinds of grenades(SAKUNAMI, WADOU, OGOTO, YAMAGA) is needed since they will all be focused on you and you won't be sure whether your laser shots will hit so a gun with enough firepower and blast radius is needed to substitute the SIRIUS.

Completing this mission on Hard Mode will unlock Hilarios' MADNESS/XA Kojima weapon arms and Noblesse Oblige's EC-O307AB back-mounted laser cannons.


Normal ModeEdit

Fiona Jarnefeldt:Combat is already underway. Get in there and provide backup for our allies. There are 4 enemy Nexts. Our side already down to 2. They have the obvious numerical advantage-- divide and conquer. I believe in you. Come back to us safely.

Fiona Jarnefeldt:(Hard Mode)No response from allied units! No... Wiped out! It's 4-on-1 now. I propose aborting the mission... Pull out of there, now!

Emil Gustav:(Hard Mode)Continue the mission. The enemy's worn down too. You can do this. Good luck.

Mido Auriel:Leonhardt, the cavalry's arrived.

Leonhardt:You made it! Thanks for coming. Sorry, they've got us outnumbered. Let's get to it.

Zanni:Enemy reinforcements sighted. That's Anatolia's merc.

Unseel:Anatolia? Oh right. It's that fossil

Berlioz:Don't get cocky. I hear he's a skilled soldier. Let's bury him.

P. Dam:This is war. I've made my peace.

Fiona Jarnefeldt:Enemy Next, Hilarios destroyed.

Leonhardt:I swear, I won't lose!

Unseel:What's going on here?!

Unseel:You walking junk heap! Is this my fault?

Fiona Jarnefeldt:Enemy Red Cap, destroyed!

Leonhardt:Alright, another one down. Just 1 to go.

Zanni:He's as good as...

Zanni:You are strong...

Fiona Jarnefeldt:Enemy Next, Rough Cut, destroyed!

Berlioz:Dog me, will you?!

Berlioz:You're a fine warrior... Call me sentimental, but I wish we had met under different circumstances.

Emil Gustav:(Hard Mode)All enemy Nexts destroyed. You really are unstoppable. Come on back, she's waiting for you here.


  • Marche Au Supplice means "March to the Scaffold" in English and is the fourth movement in composer Hector Berlioz's Program symphony Symphonie fantastique. Alternatively, it can mean "Walk in Torment" in French.
  • There is a an occasional glitch in this mission where the ground disappears, everything is pitch black except buildings and all other ACs will fight airborne below you. Since there is no ground, once you go below the level of the buildings' base, you will automatically be outside of the area resulting to mission failed. And another thing is that the mission will never end because the enemy AI is not considered defeated once outside of the area in a mission.

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