M-Young is a Raven seen exclusively in Armored Core: Last Raven Portable's EX Arena.


AC Negative Axolotl Edit

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Middleweight, two-leg AC unit with enhanced mobility. Particularly suited for long range missile attacks and close range blade combat. Likes to first use up the long range missiles and then switch to close range combat with blade.



This pilot's notable strategy is to simply empty her vertical missiles on you right off the bat. Dodge the missiles and once she has run out of ammo on her missiles, she'll simply try to get close to you to blade you with her powerful MOONLIGHT. She hardly ever uses her HP pistol so that isn't a concern, but you just have to make sure you are NOT directly in front of her or else she'll blade you right in your face. Strangely though, after she swings her blade once, regardless of whether she hits, even if you're right in front of her, she isn't smart enough to go for another blade swing. Instead, she just tries to foolishly close distance between you and her again, at which if you happen to get behind her, she has no chance of hitting you. This is where you can take advantage of her stupidity and blow her to bits. She LOVES to stick as close as possible to you, so you can just take her out while her back is facing you.

Or if you have trouble facing her in the Arena, go to the map like the spaceport or some place where the area is tight, so her verts will be useless, and she can only rely on her blade and pistol.