Luster 18 - Emblem
Luster 18
General information
Affiliation and military information
CraftNEXT Ferrum Solidus
Real world information
AppearancesArmored Core: For Answer
EncounteredDefeat Unknown NEXT

Luster 18 is a Lynx that appears in Armored Core: For Answer. He is ranked #12 among the ORCA Lynxs.

In-Game BiographyEdit

An experienced middle-aged Lynx. Although a Lynx of the lowest rank, his abilities are equivalent to that of even the highest ranked pilots. His heavyweight bipedal craft, Ferrum Solidus, utilizes additional PA rectifiers and is quite tough


He is encountered as an enemy during the mission Defeat Unknown NEXT. He is defeated by Strayed.

NEXT Ferrum SolidusEdit

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NEXT Ferrum Solidus

Ferrum Solidus is a NEXT comprised of GA parts, except for his SOLDNER leg. An emphasized point is his EUPHORIA Primal Armor Rectifier Shoulder Unit, which increases his defense power considerably. Solidus' armament consists of a GAN01-SS-WB Standard Bazooka, an Akvavit SAMSARA Plasma Rifle, an OGOTO Grenade Launcher, and a PLATTE01 Series-fire Missile Launcher. The SAMSARA plasma rifle is devastating, but the arm part's poor energy weapon compatibility reduces its damage.


Order MatchEdit

Moderately mobile for a heavyweight, energy weapons nevertheless pierce through Solidus' PA and solid shell defenses. Any heavy energy weaponry, including laser blades, are sufficient to bring Solidus down. While his weapons are devastating, a moderately maneuverable NEXT should be able to avoid his attacks. Beware of the plasma rifle's jamming aftereffect as well as the occasional missile barrage and you should be fine.


Players most likely encounter Solidus in the mission first before defeating him in ORCA's Order Match. In Normal Mode, Solidus is decimating a group of Algebra-employed MT63-MKs. In Hard Mode, however, the MTs are hostile to you and Solidus brings along several Goppert-G3 Normals to help him. It is very advisable to go solo in Normal Mode to test your skills.


  • Whose peon is it this time? Perfect timing. I was getting tired of Arms Forts.
  • That's the way, put some feeling into it. That NEXT isn't just a pile of junk after all. This is what war is all about.
  • Doomed to obscurity forever... what I deserve for not taking this more seriously.


NEXT Ferrum Solidus

NEXT Ferrum Solidus


  • Ferrum Solidus is pseudo-latin phrase that roughly translates into "hard/solid iron", reinforcing the NEXT's "tough" image.
  • The paint scheme for some of the stabilizers on Ferrum Solidus (such as the left lower core stabilizer) use Barbaroi's paint scheme.
  • If Dario Empio is selected as your support in Defeat Unknown NEXT, it's mentioned that Luster 18 has taken down several of Collared's Lynxes prior to the mission, a testament to his skills in the battlefield.