The Lost Field
The Lost Field
General information
UniverseOriginal Universe
GamesArmored Core 2: Another Age
Appearances"Explore Uncharted Region"
"Revisit Uncharted Region"
"Destroy Designated Target"

The Lost Field was a mysterious area located far off in the ocean. Inside it was a large spherical structure with one vertical shaft at one end as an entrance. The structure was surrounded by rotating ring-like structure visible through portions of glass walls. The center of the floor appeared to be a core from which energy pulse were emitted.

Very little is known about it or even who built and for what purpose. Only the Earth Government and The Raven were aware of its existence. The Government hired The Raven three times to investigate the area. There, The Raven fought and defeated an unknown AC in the first mission, an unknown MT in the second mission, and another unknown MT in the third and final mission.


The Lost Field is an area seen only in Armored Core 2: Another Age. It is unlocked after beating the game and provides three new bonus missions, each with opponents from previous Armored Core games. For completing all the missions, the player is awarded two new parts - the Leg part ZLR-ARROW and the Inside weapon INW-OM-PRT.




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