General Weapons are units that appear in Armored Core: Last Raven and are deployed alongside ACs and MTs and are better described as conventional units. They are considered technologically outdated.

Type 86 Armored Fighting VehicleEdit

Armored Fighting Vehicle equipped with vertical launching missile deployment systems.

  • Armament: Missile launchers, machine gun


A large transport aircraft used to airlift such things as MTs, supplies, etc.

  • Armament: Missiles

Anti-Aircraft VehicleEdit

Vehicle used to repel airborne assaults and protect facilities from such threats as helicopters, jet fighters and bombers.

  • Armament: Rocket Launcher


A flying wing bomber developed by Crest Industries, the CR-A82 was manufactured in mass quantities over the years and is a common feature in the armed forces of many organizations.

  • Armament: Grenade Launcher


An attack helicopter, the CR-AH79 is a low cost unit offering balanced performance.

  • Armament: Missile Launcher, chain gun


A large-scale transport helicopter, the Cranwell is capable of carrying multiple AC units in and out of combat zones.

  • Armament: None


The Gushawk is an antiquated jet fighter that was brough out of retirement due to shortage of military units.

  • Armaments: Missile launchers, machine gun


The Horsetail 4 is a long-range missile with impressive destructive potential.


An artillery weapon designed by Mirage, the WALNUT possesses excellent firepower and is most often deployed in defensive positions around important facilities.

  • Armament: Grenade launcher


The TAP-LT6 is a small, ceiling mounted gun battery usually placed throughout the corridors of important installations.

  • Armament: Laser


An attack helicopter designed by Kisaragi, the ZEKUH is a highly stable platform that is well suited for both reconnaissance and military strikes.

Armament: Rocket launcher, machine gun