Limiter Release is an ability seen exclusively in Armored Core 2 and its sequel Armored Core 2: Another Age.


Limiter Release is a special ability given to ACs to temporarily enhance their combat abilities. By holding both R2 and L2, then pressing R3 (in AC2:AA the player must press all four of the back L and R buttons before pressing R3), the player can activate this mode which gives a person's AC infinite energy for a limited time depending on their core's OB Limit value.

AC2 / AC2AA Values:

2400 = 40 seconds / 1200 = 20 seconds; OB Down error lasts 50 seconds

3000 = 50 seconds / 1500 = 25 seconds; OB Down error lasts 60 seconds

3900 = 65 seconds / 1450 = 24.25 seconds (exclusive value); OB Down error lasts 60 seconds

4200 = 70 seconds / 2100 = 35 seconds; OB Down error lasts 80 seconds

During Limiter Release, the energy bar will remain at full capacity no matter how much energy is used, although a System Error will occur. Unfortunately, a huge disadvantage of this is that once the Limiter Release ends, the Energy gauge will be depleted indefinitely and the Overboost function will be deactivated. During this time, the Energy gauge will not recharge until the OB Down seconds (labeled above) have passed, at which time the AC will then begin properly recharging.

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