AC3 Layered Free 2

Layered free at the end of Armored Core 3.

Layered is the name of two underground cities. They were constructed by nations that predicted the Great Destruction to secure and save their citizens and to wait for the earth's surface to become habitable again. As they required a massive degree of administration to fulfill the needs of its inhabitants, layered cities were usually governed by advanced AIs. Layered cities were self-sustaining and provided their inhabitants with every need, including artificial sun, air, energy, and food. They also have significant industrial capabilities which enable them to manufacture products like MTs.

First LayeredEdit

The first Layered, where all of Armored Core 3 takes place, is composed of multiple sections. Many of the areas are massive, complete with artificial skies and large, varied environments. All of Layered is under the control of a vast AI, called the Controller, or DOVE. Eventually, the increasing frequency of malfunctions force the Controller to be destroyed, opening the way to the surface. In Armored Core Nexus continuity, it is stated that Crest plans to continue dominating this area.

Second LayeredEdit

A second Layered is encountered during the final missions of Silent Line: Armored Core. Although very little is seen of it, the layout of the room that contains the governing AI, IBIS, is quite different. It is presumed that with the destruction of IBIS, the second Layered was also freed.

The second Layered was protected by a defensive line, known as the Silent Line. This ultimately became shut down with the destruction of the AI. It is unknown if the first Layered was also protected by such a defense.


  • It is possible that other Layered cities also exist but have not yet been discovered.


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