Jack-O - Emblem
General information
Affiliation and military information
AffiliationVertex (Armored Core: Last Raven)
Ravens' Ark (Armored Core: Nexus)
Vertex leader (Armored Core: Last Raven)
Ravens' Ark administrator (Armored Core: Nexus)
RankRaven's Ark Rank 5 (Armored Core: Nexus)
CraftAC Foxeye
Conflicts activeNavis Conflict
24-Hour War
Real world information
AppearancesArmored Core: Nexus
Armored Core: Nexus (Prima Games book)

Armored Core: Last Raven
Armored Core: Last Raven Portable

Voice actorKenjiro Tsuda (JAP)

Jack-O is a Raven who first appeared in Armored Core: Nexus, where he is a high-ranking member of the Ravens' Ark who believes that the Ark should be neutral in corporate affairs. He later becomes the enigmatic leader of Vertex in Armored Core: Last Raven.


Navis ConflictEdit

Jack-O was known for being a top Raven as well as a radical who believed in the neutrality of the Ravens' Ark in corporate affairs. After discovering illegal activities between the Ark's administrators and Mirage, Jack forcefully took control of the Ark, expelled all administrators (Operators included), radically restructured the organization, and kicked Evangel out of the organization for taking direct contracts.[1]

24-Hour WarEdit


Armored Core: Last RavenEdit


"To All Ravens"Edit

From Jack-O
To <player>
Subject To All Ravens
Received 11:50

The Alliance organization was formed by a group of corporate executives bent on controlling the world and forcing others to do their bidding.

The resources available to us pale in comparison to what Alliance has, but it is through the strength of our Ravens that we will prevail. We must strike out at those who would suppress us.

"Evangel Switching Sides"Edit

From Jack-O
To <player>
Subject Evangel Switching Sides
Received 15:48

Evangel, the commander of Alliance's Tactical Unit, and a few of his fellow Ravens have decided to join Vertex.

While fortunate for us, the loss of so many of their best pilots will certainly come as a harsh blow to Alliance. I'm sure they still have plenty of tricks left up their sleeves though. We dare not let our guard down for even a moment.

"Evangel's Betrayal"Edit

From Jack-O
To <player>
Subject Evangel's Betrayal
Received 18:43

Evangel is nowhere to be found after the latest incident. It's entirely possible that he has been acting as a spy for Alliance all along.

I never thought that someone could give Evangel that hard of a time though, I'm quite impressed with you. I wonder who would emerge victorious if you were both to go head-to-head.

"No Time To Waste"Edit

From Jack-O
To <player>
Subject No Time To Waste
Received 20:00

I would say that there are roughly ten Ravens left at this point. The conflict has become somewhat one-sided, but so far everything seems to be going as planned.

There have already been many casualties, but those have been limited to Ravens who lacked the necessary strength. The real battle begins now.


From Jack-O
To <player>
Subject Traitor
Received 21:39

We have a traitor in our midst. I'm still waiting to see the results of the final report, but I'm confident in the fact that there is no mistake.

I'd like you to be the one to do away with the traitor. There's no need to show any mercy, just be quick about it.

I expect your best work.

"The Strong"Edit

From Jack-O
To <player>
Subject The Strong
Received 21:39

It's impossible at the present time to destroy the Pulverizer weapon.

But there will be no deviating from my plan. There are only a few Ravens still left alive, but I'm confident that one among them possesses the strength that I seek.

The conflict will end in our favor.

"Vital Mission"Edit

From Jack-O
To <player>
Subject Vital Mission
Received 03:40

We discovered a weapon manufacturing facility deep beneath Circ-City. Initially its purpose was unknown. I've named it Internecine.

This is what is creating the mysterious new weapons, and now the world is once again facing extinction. I want you to carry out my last request. You must be a "Dominant" to have lasted this long.

"It's Time"Edit

From Jack-O
To <player>
Subject It's Time
Received 03:40

The war between Vertex and Alliance is in the final stages.

I assume neither side will secure total victory, but I'm not concerned about the outcome.

My plan is in its final stages as well. All the fighting that has gone on before has been leading up to this.


From Jack-O
To <player>
Subject Situation
Received 03:44

We discovered a weapon manufacturing facility deep beneath Circ-City. This is what created the mysterious new weapons, and now the world is once again facing extinction. We must prevent this from happening.

The fights that came before were all to narrow down the field. Now it's time to find out who is "The One".

"Last Assignment"Edit

From Jack-O
To <player>
Subject Last Assignment
Received 04:25

We discovered a weapon manufacturing facility deep beneath Circ-City. Initially its purpose was unknown. I named it Internecine.

This is what is creating the mysterious new weapons, and now the world is once again facing extinction. There won't be many chances to destroy the Pulverizers. I hope you'll accept my request.


"Distribution Center Recon"Edit
  • Second cutscene:
"I expected this would be the outcome. We must hurry..."
"Acquire the Commodity"Edit
  • Mission briefing:
"The warlord operating out of the Hordess Mining site has promised to supply us with a commodity we need. I'd like it if you were the one to accept the delivery. Normally I wouldn't ask a Raven to carry out such a trivial task, but with things the way that they are, I'd rather be safe than sorry. You are free to eliminate any who attempt to interfere with the mission; I won't second-guess your judgment. Good luck."
  • "Raven, someone stole the supplies. Get them back!"
"Pursue Withdrawing MT"Edit
  • Cutscene:
"Their true strength can't be gauged from this..."
"Investigate Enemy Activity"Edit
  • "Let's see what the enemy is made of."
  • "We're done here. These targets aren't worth the bother, head back."
"Destroy Transport Convoy"Edit
  • Mission briefing:
"A convoy of transport vehicles belonging to the warlord who recently attacked Circ-City is rapidly approaching one of our strongholds. Although the sole purpose of the raid may have been to pilfer materials, we cannot allow such a bold action to go unpunished. Please head to the stronghold and prepare to intercept the convoy once it reaches the area. Don't let any of them escape. Multiple AC units are escorting the transports, but mission priority is destruction of the convoy. Once the primary objective is met feel free to do as you please. The bounty on an AC unit is always a tempting prize."
"Eliminate Zinaida"Edit
  • Mission briefing:
"I want you to eliminate a fellow Raven. Her name is Zinaida. I'm sure you've heard of her. She doesn't favor any particular organization, and because of this one never knows when she'll be working for the opposition. She's been especially active during the last few hours. It's time to take her down. I'd like to tell you more, but she's a relatively new Raven and little is known about her. Prove to me that you're a better pilot than she is."
  • "You may both engage when ready. Let's find out which one of you is the real deal."
  • "How could another be created so fast? Stop fighting and pull back. That thing's too strong to beat."
"Eliminate Sorceror"Edit
  • Mission briefing:
"There's a Raven I want you to eliminate. It's still hard to believe that someone I had so much respect for could betray me at this most critical time. There's no doubting his guilt though. He must be punished. I'm sure he believes his actions are justified, but he also knows the consequences he must face. Don't fail me, Raven."
  • "It's him. Kill the traitor!"
  • "We only need those who are truly strong. Forgive me..."
"Intercept Enemy AC"Edit
  • Mission briefing:
"We've just received word of an enemy AC that has breached our borders. It seems Alliance is becoming more desperate as the attack time nears. They've foolishly chosen our headquarters in Circ-City as their target. There's no need to let the AC reach its objective before engaging, one of our advance bases will do just as well. I'm sending you because I'm confident in your abilities. Make sure the enemy understands the consequences of interfering with my plans."
  • "There's your target. Take him down!"
  • "I appreciate what you've done. The weak can't be trusted."
"Defeat the Invading Force"Edit
  • "You'll lose if you attack!"
  • "You destroyed it... Maybe they can be stopped..."
"Attack the Advancing Force"Edit
  • Mission briefing:
"I regret trying to hold you back during the last mission. You did what had to be done under the circumstances. If you're interested, there's a new assignment I'd like you to help with. An Alliance force was recently detected advancing towards Circ-City. Aside from its presence in our territory, little else is known about the enemy force. You're compensation for this mission will be based on the number of units destroyed. I look forward to seeing what kind of tab you're able to rack up."
  • First cutscene:
"Their true strength can't be gauged from this... They'll have to face me... Let's see if they're worthy of carrying the "Last Raven" title!"
  • If the player is defeated by Jack:
"Mankind's fate has been decided..."
  • If Jack's AP drops to a certain percentage:
"Maybe... Just maybe..."
  • Second cutscene:
"My first impression of you was right... But there's still something that needs to be done... We must hurry..."
"Defeat Jack-O"Edit
  • First cutscene:
"You're too late... The mission's already done. She took care of it... Everything's gone according to my plans. There's just one thing left... I want to be remembered, so the world will know I was a Raven!"
  • If the player's AP drops to 50%:
"Come on, show me what you've got!"
  • If the player's AP drops to 10%:
"Concentrate, Raven. You're not even trying!"
  • If Jack's AP drops to 50%:
"I'm a Raven... No more, no less."
  • If Jack's AP drops to 10%:
"This is the end..."
  • Second cutscene:
"Thank you Raven..."
"Underground Investigation"Edit
  • "Raven, over here!"
  • If the player enters the opened gate:
"You made it..."
  • Second cutscene:
"Look at me... This is what happens when you step over the line... It was foolish to think we could control it... You're the only hope now, Raven. You must not fail..."
"Shutdown Internecine"Edit
  • Mission briefing:
"The objective of this mission is the destruction of both the Internecine and Pulverizers. The Pulverizers are weapons that gather data from their battles; this data is then transmitted to and processed by the Internecine to create a new, and more deadly version of Pulverizer. The Internecine has to be destroyed in order to eradicate the Pulverizers once and for all. We're counting on your help to accomplish this. To ensure the mission's objective is met, you and another Raven are being sent into the area beneath Circ-City via different routes. One of you will go after any Pulverizers roaming free, while the other focuses their efforts on the Internecine. You must succeed if there is to be any hope for our future."
"Destroy the Internecine"Edit
  • Mission briefing:
"Due to its inherent dangers, this assignment is one that many Ravens would hesitate to accept. It is my sincere hope that this will not deter you though. My final request is that you destroy the Internecine and bring an end to the Pulverizers. The Pulverizers are weapons that gather data from their battles; this data is then transmitted to and processed by the Internecine to create a new, and more deadly version of Pulverizer. Your target is housed inside the facility beneath Circ-City. It's guarded by swarms of unmanned suicide weapons it produces to defend itself. Everything has been leading up to this moment, Raven. The future rests in your hands."

AC FoxeyeEdit

Armored Core: NexusEdit

Nexus Jack O

Jack-O in AC:Nexus

Jack-O pilots a heavyweight AC called Foxeye, which has amazing firepower coupled with great mobility at the cost of defense. Foxeye is equipped for middle to long range combat.


Armored Core: Last RavenEdit

167214 armored-core--last-raven

CG render of AC Foxeye in Armored Core: Last Raven

Much like in the previous game, Foxeye has amazing firepower coupled with good mobility for its weight class. Jack uses two versions of Foxeye throughout the game; the first is used in most missions and is what appears in Jack's profile and in the EX Arena, while the second is used in missions that take place in the Internecine.


Version 1Edit
Version 2Edit


Armored Core: NexusEdit

He appears as an NPC.

If the player fails the first mission, "Attack Mirage Search Team" and then play it again and also fail to destroy the enemy, Jack-O will appear and finish the mission for you.

In combat, Jack will always disarm the left back CR-WB85MPX immediately after beginning due to Foxeye being normally overweight.

Jack-O can appear in Attack Mirage Supply Depot defending the location. This makes the mission a lot more difficult as he is quite powerful with the salvo he can produce.


Armored Core: Last RavenEdit

He appears as an NPC.

In-Game InformationEdit

Raven List profileEdit

Raven name: JACK-O
Bounty: 160000c
Committed: VERTEX


He is a young, charismatic pilot who used to lead Ravens' Ark. After the Ark's collapse, Jack-O vanished and most believed that he had perished. This turned out not to be the case and he eventually reemerged alive and well. His piloting skills have grown rusty with the passing of time, but there is no underestimating the strength of the organization that he controls, namely Vertex.

Ed Weisz

World Report profileEdit

Jack-O is a member of the Raven order and also Vertex's leader. While employed by Ravens' Ark, Jack gained notoriety for denouncing the improper dealings some of the organization's upper management had with their corporate clients. He vanished after the Ark fell apart, but recently reemerged to do battle with Alliance.

EX Arena profileEdit



Heavyweight, two-leg model emphasizing firepower. The unit is equipped with a high-powered laser rifle and performs well in mid-range battles.

Computer analysisEdit
"Enemy AC detected. AC Foxeye identified. The unit is equipped with a laser rifle capable of inducing thermal stress. Mobile attack maneuvers are recommended."[3]



Armored Core: NexusEdit


Armored Core: Last RavenEdit








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