AC Sample 16
Invincible Q
General information
NicknameInvisible Q
Affiliation and military information
AffiliationRavens' Nest
RankUnranked (AC1 Rankings)
#7 (AC:MOA Ex Arena)
CraftAC Bounty
Real world information
AppearancesArmored Core
Armored Core: Master of Arena
EncounteredExtra Arena

Invincible Q is a Raven appearing in Armored Core. Also known as Invisible Q, he also makes an appearance as the seventh ranked Raven in Armored Core: Master of Arena's Humanoid Leg EX Arena.


Armored CoreEdit

With a price on his head, he lives by destroying his pursuers. Excels at covert actions; very successful.

Armored Core: Master of ArenaEdit

Proud of the price on his head, he survives only by eliminating those who would see him dead.

AC BountyEdit


Bounty is a middleweight two-legged AC equipped with a small missile launcher, back radar, the KARASAWA laser rifle and a laser blade.


As a KARASAWA user, Invincible Q is dangerous because of how fast he can chew through your AP with its shots. It only has 50 rounds but those are more than enough. However it is fairly easy by boosting to keep ahead of the shots and with its rate of fire, the KARASAWA doesn't last long. The missiles aren't too big of a problem so they're nothing to worry about.