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The Interior Union is a group first mentioned in Armored Core 4 but is only fully seen in Armored Core: For Answer.


Occupation of Arteria Carpals Interior Union

Interior Union logo with cloud background in Occupation of Arteria Carpals

The Interior Union was formed through the merging of Leonemeccanica and Melies, becoming Europe's number one high-tech firm. It boasts an overall high level of technological prowess, and are by far the leading company in the field of laser technology. They also control the fossil fuel market, making them an extremely important company to GA. Their corporation is known for being the only company to have no male LYNX in their employment and even the employees Strayed encounters are all female.


The Interior Union was formed late into the post-National Dismantlement War period, although whether it was created before or after the Lynx War is unknown.

Lynx Employed (Lynx, Next)Edit

Lynx Name

Next Name



Current Status


Ay-Pool Vero Nork 28 No Alive AC4, AC:FA
Stiletto Les Annes Folles 18-6 Yes Alive AC4, AC:FA
Kasumi Sumika Ciliegio 16 Yes Unknown, killed by the Raven in Occupation of Arteria Carpals (Destruction Path) AC4, AC:FA
Wynne D. Fanchon Reiterpallasch 3 No KIA, killed by the Raven in Attack on Arteria Cranium (ORCA Path), killed by the Raven in Occupation of Arteria Carpals (Destruction Path) AC:FA




Large Scale WeaponsEdit

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