Infiltrate Amber Base is the second mission in Armored Core: Project Phantasma.


Requester: Unknown

Reward: 32000

Location: Amber Crown Entrance Gate

Mission: Raid the city

Mission Place: "Amber Crown" Entrance Gate

Mission Code Name: City Sneakers

Start Time: 1200


Raid the underground city, Amber Crown. It should be easy to pass the
entrance, although take note there is a security system.

In order to bypass entrance security, simply destroy the four energy
generators located outside.

The entrance gate to access the city is secured by computer. Destroy
the underground condensers then go inside.

Once we confirm a successful raid, we will provide further
instructions. Good luck.




<Communication>: "We have arrived at the mission location. We will drop off the AC's and then leave the area."

<Announcement>: "Trespassers detected! Get rid of them immediately!"


First step is getting past the security gate and into the underground base. To do this, you need to destory the four energy generators. However, they are guarded by two long-range cannons that can pack a wallop. Charge ahead with a speedy AC, taking them out at short range, or pound them from long range if your AC is slow and heavily armored. With the cannons out of the way, the generators are a piece of cake.

When you reach the top of the small ramp, a little animation comes up showing the two helicopter-like MTs ascending the ramp to fight you. Trying to deal with them head on is not a good idea. By quickly backing out of the room you limit their field of fire and make them come to you.

Take the sled down the ramp. Along the way you will need to deal with several gun emplacements. Make sure you take the sled, walking down the ramp will not get the job done. The final door only unlocks when the sled is at the bottom of the ramp.

Once past the locked door, you have to deal with two more security MTs before reaching the next locked door. This door cannot be opened. To reach your target, you need to destroy the floor grating in front of the door. Once you drop down, you will find the condensers. Destroy teh four of them and the mission is over.

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