Art of the I-C003-IN

The I-C003-IN, or "Big White" as it is more commonly known, is an MT encountered in Silent Line: Armored Core.


The I-C003-IN, or Big Whites, are special and extremely powerful MTs that could destroy an inexperienced Raven quite easily. They were deployed by the IBIS to perform duties similar to the Controller's Agents.


  • Grenade Cannon
  • Rapid Fire Dual Missile Launcher
  • Laser Blade
  • Two-handed Energy Cannon

The unit prefers to use its grenade launcher and missile system while on the move, but it will use its KARASAWA-like energy cannon with increasing frequency as it sustains more damage. Its grenade launcher reloads much like the watered-down version in the game for an AC. Its missile system launches two missiles per lock-on, but it fires faster than any missile system available in the game, or possibly in the entire series. Its blade, the least used weapon on the I-C003-IN, has significant attack power and a range of at least 8. When using its energy cannon, the I-C003-IN will stop and fire in 5-round bursts.


I-C003-INs are very similar to a high powered Armored Core and are extremely powerful; they are fast for their size, comparable to and perhaps completely outclassing even lightweight ACs in terms of sheer mobility. When fighting these fearsome foes, extremely powerful weapons such as a chaingun or grenade launcher are effective if you have the OP-INTENSIFY optional part, If you don't have a machine gun or a bazooka. These machines are definitely easier to fight if the player has OP-INTENSIFY, but if the player never got it and its abilities from Armored Core 3, then they are at a significant disadvantage but its not unbeatable. Powerful single shot arm weapons like shotguns, bazookas and the KARASAWA prove to be effective. Because of their speed, it is more or less suicide to use a heavy AC, which would most likely be completely obliterated by this MT. The key skills in defeating this thing are dodging grenades and missiles, and energy management if OP-INTENSIFY is unusable. Orbit weapons also seem to do a respectable amount of damage to it if used properly. Do note that the unit has to remain stationary while firing its energy cannon, which is the moment where it's best to strike, as this is when he is most vulnerable to your attacks as he can't dodge.

It is possible to defeat a Big White AC with just a laser blade, although it requires tremendous skill in doing so, namely because of the Big Whites' aggressive attack patterns and hard-hitting weapons. The trick to doing this is to avoid its grenade shots and missiles, as those are his most dangerous weapons. When he stops to fire his energy cannon, move and dodge the shots and while he stalls, slash him on the head as this will deal a lot more damage than a conventional blade slash. It IS also possible to blade him while he's on the move, but do note that the unit itself has a blade weapon of its own, so be very careful to not get clipped by it. If possible, stay as close to it as possible, as it will then force him to use the grenade launcher (which is easier to dodge compared to the missiles, as they have a fast homing speed and are more difficult to avoid, not to mention it fires a lot quicker than the grenades.) Quad ACs work well too, especially since boosting on ground with quad legs actually makes it easier to dodge the grenades and missiles, also added with the fact that quad ACs can stab with blades (which deals about 2x more damage than normal slashing), so Big Whites can be destroyed faster.

Appearances Edit

It appears 4 times as an enemy in these missions.


  • This unit bears a fair resemblance to the first generation Nineball, in particular its weapon loadout and arrangement.
  • Despite being classified as MTs, the I-C003-IN is more similar to ACs in terms of appearance and performance.
  • Scavengers fill a similar role in Armored Core V.