High Intensity Lasers, more commonly known as Hi-Lasers, are essentially more intense variants of standard laser weapons first appearing in Armored Core: Nexus. Each shot from a Hi-Laser weapon inflicts more damage than a standard laser at the cost of increased EN consumption. They are also heavier and carry less ammunition than standard variants.

The KARASAWA and CANOPUS are well-known Hi-Laser weapons appearing the in Armored Core series. Although the KARASAWA was not technically designated a Hi-Laser until later games in the series, its distinct difference from average laser weapons has always been apparent.

It is likely that the concept of the Hi-Laser was introduced in order to help distinguish between laser weapons that fire smaller, less-lethal bolts, and weapons that fire more intense blasts with increased energy consumption. Before Armored Core: Nexus, all laser weapons were simply referred to as "Laser Rifle" or "Laser Cannon" regardless of their level of power.

Armored Core Nexus to Last RavenEdit

The Hi-Laser is introduced in Nexus in the form of the SPIRT and the KSRW. The KSRW is the equivalent of the KARASAWA for Armored Core: Nexus to Last Raven. It is redesignated as the KSRW2 in the portable version.

Armored Core 4 and For AnswerEdit

Hi-Laser weapons appeared far more frequently in Armored Core 4 and For Answer in the form of weapons like the SIRIUS and VEGA. The KARASAWA reappears in this series in the form of the CANOPUS, although it has been siginificantly reduced in power for balance reasons.

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