Guard Walker

Guard Walker

Appearing only in Armored Core and a few Nexus Revolution levels, the Guard Walker is a blue bulky reverse joint MT. Appearing to be very similar to the Bishop model, the Guard Walker is possibly a Murakumo copy or answer to the Bishop. Both have similar capabilities and armor, although the Guard Walker appears to be slightly weaker than the Chrome made Bishop.


So far only o
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ne model of the Guard Walker has appeared; a blue reverse joint. These are easy to tell due to their paint job and their large bulky body. They attack with a tan shot machine gun similar to that of the Bishop. Ultimately the attack capabilities of these two machines are similar more often than not.


  • Machine Gun


Appearing once as friendlies and twice as enemies, Guard Walkers are used by the Guard of various cities, such as Gal City. They appear in the missions:



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