Wildcat 2

Wildcat charging the Freight Depot

Guard Freight Train is a mission in Armored Core.

Synopsis Edit

Requester: Murakumo Millenium

Advance: 12000

Upon success: 20000

Theater of operations: Heavensrock Supply Depot No. 6

Enemy forces: Unknown

Conditions for success: Defend lead car within region

Briefing Edit

We have an emergency! We have been informed of a plan to attack our long-haul freight train, "Boulder".

We are unsure of the enemy's exact target, but it is likely that they are after the confidential cargo in the lead car.

The train's next stop, Heavensrock's supply depot, has very little cover. We feel that this would be an opportune location for the enemy to attack.

Go ahead of the train ASAP and head for the supply depot. Give highest priority to ensuring the safety of at least the lead car.

The cars further back are not particularly important at this time, but we will up your pay by 10000 C if all the cars are safe. We're counting on your, Raven.




Radio: We have reached the fuel depot. Dropping AC.

Boulder (Train Operator): This is Boulder. We're almost at the destination.

Boulder (Train Operator): ...Th...This is Boulder! It's no use! We can't hold out any longer!

Boulder (Train Operator): This is Boulder. Refueling complete. We're under way.



  • In one of the crates near the station, there is a secret head part (HD-X1487). It is advised to get this before the train arrives, otherwise the Red AC and Jets will tear the train apart while you try and find it.
  • Even if the train is out of the area you still have to destroy all the enemies.
  • You get +10000 if all of the trains cars are safe.

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