Gryphon City

Gryphon City

Gryphon is an offshore city appearing in Armored Core 4, and is the location of the Anatolia Raven's first mission as a LYNX.


Referred to as "The Independent City," Gryphon is an offshore metropolis located in Queensland, Australia. Gryphon was abandoned after losing its central infrastructure to large scale terrorists attacks, and has since been occupied by various armed groups and corporations.


Since its abandonment, Gryphon has been occupied several times by various groups, including armed anti-establishment organizations and the Interior corporations.

Anatolia's Raven was contracted by the Pax Economica to remove the initial occupying terrorists, with GA being especially eager to see Gryphon rebuilt. After the Raven's first success, Gryphon was reoccupied and fortified with Procyon energy cannons which would again be removed by the Raven.

At the beginning of the Lynx War, Gryphon was occupied by an Interior squadron, which included the first Fermi Aerial Fortress encountered by the Raven. The Raven's third successful attempt at clearing Gryphon appears to have permanently secured the city for GA.


  • In the early Japanese PS3 version, Gryphon is located somewhere in California, USA. Subsequent versions, including the Japanese Xbox 360 version, shows Gryphon in its present location of Queensland, Australia.


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