Grenade Rifles are portable versions of the Grenade Launcher that are primarily designed to crack ACs. This makes them weaker for long duration missions as they frequently have a lack of ammo. It has the lowest ammo count alongside the Plasma Rifle but highest attack power in the Rifle family of weapons.


There is only one type although there is typically a highly damaging low ammo model and a lighter weaker damage model that has more ammo. Unlike most weapons, they are mounted on the arm like laser blades rather than being held.


These are designed to be used against ACs although in long missions in short areas, they are weak due to the fact that their splash damage could easily damage the user along with the target. It can be better described as a medium risk, high reward weapon, as it can destroy most normal units in a single shot and do serious damage to ACs; on the flip side, however, they have a small ammo capacity and therefore each shot must be used wisely. Another important note is that these weapons are very heavy, so using them also means that an AC is considerably slower.

Overall, it's a fine anti-AC weapon but with Human PLUS, it becomes less useful. It is fairly weak in long missions for either arm as a blade or weapon with more ammo can be more useful overall.

List of Grenade RiflesEdit


  • The term "Grenade" is a bit of a misnomer as the rounds fly perfectly straight when fired unlike in a parabolic arc like modern Grenade Rifles do. It is better described as a High Explosive artillery cannon.

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