Classification: Normal AC
Designer: Aldra
  • Laser Rifle
  • Physical Shield
Chronological Info
Eras Active:
  • National Dismantlement War
  • LYNX War
  • Economic War
The GOPPERT-G3 is a medium-heavyweight Normal encountered throughout Armored Core 4 and Armored Core: For Answer.


Designed by Aldra, the GOPPERT-G3 is a reliable combat unit with balanced performance across the board. It has optimal armor for a Normal AC, and is surprisingly agile despite its size and weight. The GOPPERT-G3 is only lightly armed, equipped with a physical shield and laser rifle. It is however, a force to be reckoned with if encountered in large numbers and supported by other units. Like the GA03-SOLARWIND, the GOPPERT-G3 is very widely distributed, being used by various corporations and anti-establishment groups alike.

Despite its increasingly limited abilities against the rapidly evolving NEXTs by the time of Armored Core: For Answer, the GOPPERT-G3 remains a mainstay of most corporate militaries.


  • Although Aldra never manufactured a laser rifle for NEXTs, their older model units like GOPPERT-G3 do wield one.


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