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Classification: Armored Core NEXT
Designer: GA
Core: GAN02-NSS-C
Head: GAN02-NSS-H
Arms: GAN02-NSS-A
Legs: GAN02-NSS-L
Generator: GAN02-NSS-G
Main: GAN02-NSS-M.CG
Back: GAN02-NSS-B.CG
Side: GAN02-NSS-S.CG
Over: GAN02-NSS-O.CG
Chronological Info
Eras Active: Economic War

The NEW SUNSHINE is a NEXT model that first appears in Armored Core: For Answer.

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The newest NEXT in the GA SUNSHINE series, the NEW SUNSHINE is a middleweight two leg model with improved defensive ratings that strike a balance between the SUNSHINE and SUNSHINE-L. Unlike any other NEXT, the NEW SUNSHINE was created originally to allow those with little AMS compatibility to pilot it. Using former Normal pilot Don Colonel as a catalyst, the NEW-SUNSHINE project allows pilots to develop top NEXT piloting ability.


Despite GA emerging as one of the victors of the Lynx War, it was but a brief respite in the ever-changing world of NEXT dominated battles. Gone were the days where Lynxes exclusively belong to one Company; instead, scores of officially Independent Lynxes with only brief contracts to client Companies or Organizations were the new norm. Once again finding themselves with a lack of Lynxes to call their own as well as general unwillingness of Independents to work with them, GA, in a bid to reduce their dependency on Independent Lynxes, decided to harness their number one military human resources: their Normal pilots. Transferring Normal pilots to NEXTs are no mean feat; thus, the NEW-SUNSHINE was born to answer this problem.

The NEW-SUNSHINE can safely be called an evolution of previous models; the basic SUNSHINE was overweight and bulky, the bazooka-armed SUNSHINE-E was lacking in defenses, and the SUNSHINE-L was a stopgap model nearing the end of it's service life. Therefore, GA designed the NEW-SUNSHINE from the experiences of all three models as well as to accommodate its soon-to-be Lynxes. Ironically, the overall mech bears a striking resemblance to the SOLARWIND, partly as an external measure to ease new pilots, as well as having the side-effect of able to camouflage a NEXT amongst Normals (a tactic attempted by GA to stave off an ambush by Interior Union against their test subject, Don Colonel). On the technical side, the NEW-SUNSHINE suffered the same few problems that previous models had; low camera functionality, limited arm mobility, and aiming precision, to name a few. However, those are offset by the many advantages that NEW-SUNSHINE possesses.

Firstly, the NEW-SUNSHINE is much lighter than previous models, giving it better speed performance. Second, the new GAN02-NSS/G generator was just as powerful and it had the large energy capacity like its predecessors, coupled by better Kojima Particle Output. The NEW-SUNSHINE also feature lighter boosters that feature the same efficient thrust-to-drain ratio as its older generation. Thirdly, Couger had produced it's first Assault Armor-capable Overbooster in the form of GAP-AO.CG, giving prospective Lynxes an option to tune their machine as they see fit. The unit had substantial tuning capability, especially in the leg parts' load capability, meaning that they can take on whatever weaponry that GA assigned them. Finally, while still lower than average, the NEW-SUNSHINE feature better energy defenses as well as PA Rectification. These factors, combined with radically simplified control schematics mean that the NEW-SUNSHINE was as newbie-friendly as possible.

The NEW-SUNSHINE project can be said as a success, but only time will tell whether GA's promising recruits show enough proficiency to become the next Roadie, GA's de facto star. Some however, like Don Colonel and May Greenfield had already proven their skills and are GA's newest hopefuls fighting on the frontline, with more prospective Lynxes presumably on their way. With the right strategy, the NEW-SUNSHINE may very well be GA's key to gain advantage and supremacy on the battlefield once again.