Francois Neris Emblem
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Affiliation and military information
CraftNEXT Buccaneer
Real world information
AppearancesArmored Core: For Answer

Francois-Neris is a Lynx that appears in Armored Core: For Answer. He is ranked #23 in Collared

In-Game BiographyEdit

Leader of the independent mercenary squadron, Corsair. In Northern Africa there are many other similar rogue groups; but Corsair is highly renowned due to Francois' affiliation. His craft is a lightweight tank equipped with laser weaponry.

NEXT BuccaneerEdit

ACFA francois-neris

NEXT Buccaneer

Buccaneer is a tank leg NEXT with laser weapon arms and a lightweight core. Visually quite pleasing, but NEXT-to-NEXT performance leaves much to be desired.


Buccaneer is one fine example on why it's a bad idea to combine a lightweight core with an arm weapon and a tank leg. This setup makes Buccaneer really slow with paper-thin defenses. Any NEXT weaponry can and will kill Buccaneer in short order. Do take heed however; its laser cannon arms will ruin your day if you don't keep moving, and his pulse cannon is good enough to keep the pressure on you. Move quickly, outturn him and blast him to pieces.


NEXT Buccaneer Schematics

NEXT Buccaneer Schematics

  • Head Stabilizers
  • Core Stabilizers
    • Core R Upper: None
    • Core L Upper: None
    • Core R Lower: None
    • Core L Lower: None
  • Arm Stabilizers
    • Arm Right: None
    • Arm Left: None