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Former Peace City
General information
UniverseAC4 Universe
Other namesAbandoned City
Old Peace City
Notable eventsBattle at the Abandoned City
GamesArmored Core 4
Armored Core: For Answer
Appearances"Desert Wolf"
"Marche Au Supplice"

Also referred to as the Abandoned City and Old Peace City, the Former Peace City area is a deserted city located somewhere north of Ha'il in Saudi Arabia. Like many similar locations, the Former Peace City has undergone significant desertification, leaving little more than sand dotted with the occasional residential building.

Several conflicts have taken place in the Former Peace City area. This is where Anatolia's Mercenary ambushed and defeated the Desert Wolf, Amazigh of the Maggrib Liberation Front. It is also where the Battle at the Abandoned City took place, a fight in which the Rosenthal Group scored a decisive victory over the Rayleonard Group when an elite team of Originals consisting of Berlioz, Unseel, Zanni, and P.Dam fell in battle against the combined forces of Leonhardt, Mido Auriel, and Anatolia's Mercenary.


Former Peace City is an area in both Armored Core 4 and Armored Core: For Answer.


Armored Core 4Edit

  • "Desert Wolf" - The first mission available. The player is tasked to ambush and eliminate Amazigh, who is being trasnported by train. In Normal Mode, the player will be given a set amount of time to defeat Amazigh before Barbaroi actives; if the player takes too much time, Joshua O'Brien will arrive to assist the player. In Hard Mode, Barbaroi is active from the start of the mission and Joshua O'Brien will appear as a hostile NPC to assist Amazigh.
  • "Marche Au Supplice" - One of the last missions in the game. The enemies of this mission consist of Berlioz, Unseel, Zanni, and P.Dam. If the player is on Normal Mode, then Leonhardt and Mido Auriel are present to assist the player as friendly NPCs. If the player is on Hard Mode, then Leonhardt and Mido Auriel are defeated before the mission starts, leaving the player to face all four enemy NEXTs alone.

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