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Flip-Flop Emblem
General information
ClassificationArtificial Intelligence
Affiliation and military information
CraftAC O-Micron
Real world information
AppearancesArmored Core Last Raven

Flip-Flop is an AI Ranker in the Last Raven VR Arena. Its rank is 15.

AC 0-MicronEdit

AC O-Micron

AC O-Micron

Middleweight, two-leg design equipped with a shield and various solid round weaponry. Unit's firepower effectively raises opponent's temperature levels.


Like most of the AC's in the arena, this one also uses OP-Intensify. It tends to hit you with combos with its grenade, linear rifle, and HYDRA missiles, and its shield protects it from any laser weapons and blades. It can be overpowering, but it's best to take it out before it does too much damage to you. Make sure you have a grenade launcher with you. It can stun him well and deal great damage at the same time. He won't go airborne if you stun him.



  • 0-Micron is similar to the AC seen in the Armored Core 2 opening movie with the exceptions of a few weapons, since the KARASAWA Mk. II was released only in the PSP remakes.
  • Its parts are different from those between the PS2 and PSP versions. Although the arms used for the original AC are available and the KARASAWA MK2 is also available in the PSP remake, it still uses the linear rifle.

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