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Fire Control System
General information
UniverseOriginal Universe
AC3 Universe
AC4 Universe
AppearancesArmored Core
Armored Core: Project Phantasma
Armored Core: Master of Arena
Armored Core 2
Armored Core 2: Another Age
Armored Core 3
Silent Line: Armored Core
Armored Core: Nexus
Armored Core: Formula Front
Armored Core: Nine Breaker
Armored Core: Last Raven
Armored Core 4
Armored Core: For Answer

The Fire Control System (FCS for short) is an essential part of an Armored Core and is responsible for target acquisition. The Fire Control System is the targeting computer, and controls weapon targeting and missile lock-ons. There are several different kinds, which vary on several attributes such as lock-on speed, maximum lock-on range, maximum lock-on number, or shape and size of lock-on area, suitable for different styles of weapons.

  • Missile FCS — FCS designed for use with missiles normally have a long vertical lock box, lock on very quickly with missiles and have a long detection range.
  • Sniper FCS — FCS designed for sniper rifle or cannons normally have a small square lock box, lock on very slowly with missiles and have an extremely long detection range.
  • Rifle FCS — FCS designed for rifle, pistol or shotgun weapons normally have a wide horizontal lock box, lock on rather slow with missiles and have a fairly short detection range.
  • Standard FCS — Standard FCS don't show any particular preference when it comes to lock time, have an even square lock box and a balanced lock on distance.

List of FCSEdit

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