The Exusia

Exusia is an immensely powerful and agile Armored Core developed by the Corporation and piloted by Chief. It serves as the final boss in the Story Missions of Armored Core V. More powerful versions appears in Multiplayer for Armored Core V as well as Armored Core: Verdict Day.


  • Large Laser Blade x 2, on the bottom of the legs (V version)
  • Multiple Vertical Missile Launchers
  • Arm Mounted Plasma Rifle x 2 (V version)
  • Multi Blade (Verdict Day only)
  • Boson Drive (Verdict Day only)


Armored Core V Story MissionEdit

  • AP: 100000
  • KE Defense: 100
  • CE Defense: 200
  • TE Defense: 2000

Armored Core V Special SortieEdit

  • AP: 300000
  • KE Defense: 200
  • CE Defense: 100
  • TE Defense: 2000

Armored Core Verdict Day Special SortieEdit

  • AP: 900000
  • KE Defense: 1156
  • CE Defense: 5461
  • TE Defense: 1384


Exusia fights like this.

  1. It strafes your mech shooting a laser cannon at you four times. the player should be able to just boost out of the way. If that fails, try hiding behind a building.
  2. It dashes at the player's mech, mostly like an energy blade. Just dash sideways to dodge it, unless the player's mech is abnormally heavy. It'll be open after it performs this attack. Being directly hit by this will destroy your AC more than likely, but being clipped by the blade will not outright destroy the AC.
  3. It flies outside of the area, shooting missiles at the player. Every once in a while, it flies in and shoots a few rounds of plasma shots at you like a bombing run, and then flies out to continue bombarding you with missiles. He'll normally end the attack with the energy dash attack. Just keep a look out for Exusia mech, and moving sideways will dodge the missiles, the player will have to dash backwards along with it to dodge the plasma shots, and dodge the dash attack like you would normally. Staying around something to jump off of it is very helpful during this attack.
  4. For both games' special sortie, Exusia is far more dangerous, packing lots of armor and heavier-hitting weapons compared to the Exusia in story mode. In V, Exusia's stats are about the same, just that it now possesses Primal Armor and vamped up weapons. Exusia will always be on the move, mercilessly shooting away at the players one at a time. The team should just converge on him and unleash every they have on him. Same strategy can be applied to Verdict Day, where Exusia possesses an insane amount of armor and highly damaging weapons, especially the Boson Drive (the one-hit killer) making it a lot harder to defeat him. However, Exusia doesn't really tend to dodge so he will just take the blows, making the fight a little easier. But still, Exusia is one tough guy, he will continually use his multi-blades to attack you and this is his main form of offensive, something you don't want to contend with.


Note that Exusia doesn't have any real defensive advantages against any of the three weapon types, so any mech build that you've made will be at least moderately effective. Rifles, Battle Rifles and other good, rapid fire weapons are useful against Exusia. Also due to its mobility and power, an AC with speed is necessary to keep up with it and dodge the attacks.

The Exusia can be easily beat by equipping two H.E.A.T Pile Drivers to an AC with moderate speed, just simply wait for the Exusia to use its dash attack then when it stopped attack with both H.E.A.T Pile Drivers. It should be destroyed with just that.

In V's and Verdict day's special sortie, Exusia is much harder to beat, considering that he has an energy field (possibly Primal Armor) and also improved weapons. It is recommended to have a team of all members being tanks and all having equipped at least one autocannon on each tank. When Exusia drops down to commence his attack, do not fire immediately (his energy field makes sure none of your blows can penetrate it). Instead, wait for him to launch his Boson Drive and when he does (remember to dodge), rain down all the fire on him. Although he may not be killed immediately, but you will take off an insane amount of armor from him.

After a while, Exusia will return to the air to reactivate his PA and then repeat the same strategy again, he will taken down with ease.


  • Exusia is Greek for "Power."
  • Exusia's build seems to bear a resemblance to the Scavenger ACs you meet throughout the story mode, having high agility, missiles, lasers, and a charge attack.
  • Exusia's appearance is strikingly similar to "boss" ACs from previous Armored Core games, such as IBIS and Nine-ball Seraph.
  • In V and Verdict Day, Exusia is equipped with a possible Primal Armor-like defense mechanism, hinting that it may have connections with Kojima tech, and by extension, NEXTs.
  • The Verdict Day version of Exusia seems to make use of a multi-blade (a sort of focus laser beam cannon) instead of a normal laser cannon like the one in V.
  • The Boson Drive attack, which the Verdict day Exusia has, is rated to deal 20000+ damage, but in actual fact, it can one-hit-kill anything less well-armored than a tank.