Exterminate Organisms 1

The entrance to the unfamiliar organism's nest.

Exterminate Organisms (1) is a mission in Armored Core.

Synopsis Edit

Requester: Gal City Guard

Advance: 0 Upon success: 30000

Theater of operations: Gal City Office District

Enemy forces: Giant Organisms

Conditions for success: Find and destroy the "queen"

Briefing Edit

Exterminate Organisms 1 2

The endless number of Warrior Bugs moving through the tunnels.

This is the Gal City Guard. Our city is now occupied by unknown giant organisms. I don't even know if "organism" is right, but I've never seen anything like 'em before.

The things are extremely fierce and attack anything that moves. Our citizens have suffered many casualties from the animal horde. We have no way of fighting back.

A biological analysis of their behavior patterns shows a social structure much like that of ants of bees. There must be a "queen" somewhere that directs the swarm.

Investigators found an unfamiliar hole in a wall in the office district, so this might be the beast's nest.

Your mission is to find and destroy the "queen". If you can take out the leader, the swarm will become disorganized and we can take it from there. We are counting on you.




  • There is a secret FCS (QX-AF) part found in the Queen's chamber.
  • It would be a good idea to bring a weapon with a large blast radius(the grenade launcher is ideal) as it will wipe out many of the smaller ones when they are grouped together in the narrow tunnels.
  • In order to lock on to the biological weapons you need a head with a bio sensor.
  • You get +300 for each Warrior Bug destroyed.

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