Example of an Extension

Extensions are a non-essential part of an Armored Core seen from Armored Core 2 until Armored Core: Last Raven. They would be renamed Shoulder Weapons in Armored Core 4 and onwards.


Extensions come in pairs and are mounted on the sides of the shoulders. They are miscellaneous, usually non-offensive devices, and can be anything from extra boosters to stealth devices.

  • Extra boosters (with various functions)
  • Anti-missile systems
  • Relation missiles (extra missiles that fire simultaneously with missile launchers)
  • Shoulder energy shields
  • Emergency heat sinks (rapidly cools an AC)
  • Emergency energy units (rapidly recharges energy)
  • Enemy Radar Jamming systems

In Armored Core 3, several emergency energy units were sold - these were usually 3 uses, and would quickly refill the energy of an AC in about 5 seconds. Emergency heat sinks were also introduced that allowed a quick cooling burst to bleed off potentially damaging heat if an AC got too hot. In Armored Core 2, additional booster and relation missiles become available but in "Armored Core: Nexus" the radar jamming equipment was removed along with the radiator and ECM equipment.

List of ExtensionsEdit

List of Shoulder WeaponsEdit

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