The Evangel Path is one possible route the player can take in Armored Core: Last Raven.


A fairly easy path mainly because you don't encounter an AC until the forth mission in, this path has you align with Vertex and fight against Alliance. One of the major bosses in this path is the Leviathan, which is fought second from the last mission. Note that this is the "strongest" Leviathan in the game with it's "full" AP amount.

Mission List Edit

  1. Destroy Military Base
  2. Escort Allied MT
  3. Recapture Storage Site
  4. Investigate Enemy Activity
  5. Destroy Raging Torrent IV
  6. Defend Against Assault
  7. Protect Reactor Core
  8. Eliminate Targeted Raven
  9. Eliminate Sorcerer
  10. Launch Preemptive Strike
  11. Eliminate AC Intruder

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