Escort Allied MT is a mission in Armored Core: Last Raven.


Requester: Independent Warlord

Operation Area: Hordess Mining Site

Objective: Escort MT ally to safety

Reward: 80000c


"The MT squad we dispatched to the Hordess Mining site to pilfer supplies came under attack and has suffered heavy losses."

"A single unit escaped unharmed and is trying to complete the mission, but the enemy has deployed additional forces in the area."

"We are in dire need of help."

"Please head to the mining site and escort the MT to safety."

"Enemy reinforcements are already on the move, and time is running out quickly."


This mission is easy as long as you have a weapon that is fairly powerful yet accurate (the linear rifle or a good laser rifle will do) rifle, good boost and a quick FCS. As you start out, the MT begins to move at a slow pace and will actively hit anything in front of him, allowing him to take out a TERMITE or two but he's fairly fragile. As soon as you begin to move, several TERMITEs begin to crawl into the mine and they'll quickly overwhelm the ally if you're not quick enough. There are one or two in the tunnel and in the next open area, more TERMITEs show up and they should be taken out quickly. Finally, upon reaching the open area, a large swarm of TERMITEs come on the scene. The ally stays within the partial saftey of the tunnel but you have to be quick to ensure that he doesn't die.


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