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Emeraude is a corporation that featured in Armored Core 2 and Armored Core 2: Another Age. It is one of the second generation corporations that succeeded the corporate groups of the Subterranean Era.

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Emeraude is well established by the time of Armored Core 2, being the largest corporation on Earth, although it finds itself constantly challenged by Zio Matrix, and restricted by the Earth Government. Their unhappiness with this situation has led them to frequently engage in wars to acquire even more territory.

Armored Core 2Edit

Emeraude sent resources to Mars after learning of Zio Matrix's successful terraformation of Mars' surface. There, the corporate group attempted to seize control of the Terraformation Project from Zio, which resulted in a bloody conflict that drew the attention of the Earth Government.

The Government attempted to install the LCC as a means to end the corporate wars before they could spill over to Earth. Although this had little impact at first, the arrival of the Frighteners changed this scenario. As the LCC began to gain power, Emeraude's Earth headquarters sent an order to the Mars executives to engage in open warfare against the LCC. This tactic failed, and Emeraude was beginning to fall to the Frighteners when Zio Matrix attempted its own coup d'etat against the LCC.

Although the LCC was destroyed by the Frighteners in the turn-around from Zio's coup, Emeraude's position was not helped. They would be destroyed on Mars once the Disorders were released by Leos Klein, and word would make its way back to the Earth Government that Emeraude Earth had issued the orders that led to Emeraude Mars' actions.

Armored Core 2: Another AgeEdit

After receiving word that Emeraude had attempted to overthrow the LCC, the Earth Government placed severe sanctions on the Earth Division, who authorized the illegal actions in contrast to Zio Mars' violation of its Earth Division's orders. These sanctions weakened them to the point that Zio is now more powerful. Emeraude has since rebuilt its military wing and now does everything they can to spark another war between itself, its corporate rivals and the Earth Government, so that they can try to seize power once again.


Introduced in Armored Core 2Edit











Back Unit

Arm Unit R

Arm Unit L

Introduced in Armored Core 2: Another AgeEdit




Back Unit

Arm Unit R

Arm Unit L


  • There are a total of 98 parts manufactured by Emeraude.

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