Eliminate Strikers is a mission in Armored Core. It was remade in Armored Core: Nexus.


Armored CoreEdit

Requester: Chrome

Advance: 0

Upon success: 13000c

Theater of operations: Doan Bridge, Avalon Valley

Enemy forces: Worker MTs, MTs

Conditions for success : Eliminate bridge occupants

Armored Core: NexusEdit

Client: Chrome

Area: Doan Bridge

Enemies: Worker MTs

Objective: Eliminate Strikers


Armored CoreEdit

Workers in the Avalon Valley development area, demonstrating for better working conditions, have taken over the "Doan Bridge".

They have erected a barricade on the bridge and completely halted traffic. There is no sign of their giving in to the Guards. They persist in demanding to see the HQ.

We told them that we have no time to deal with such trifling matters, but they don't seem to understand.

Anyway, we can't leave this as is. In a drawn-out battle, collateral damage would become a problem, so forcibly eliminate them now.

Several Worker MTs are on the bridge, but this should be no problem at all for you Ravens. Our armored division is also deployed. Should be an easy job, so go to it.

Armored Core: NexusEdit

Workers in the Avalon Valley development area, demonstrating for better working conditions, have taken control of Doan Bridge. They've erected barricades and brought traffic to a halt.

All attempts aimed at persuading them to give up their futile protest have failed. According to their representative, they will only negotiate terms with someone from company headquarters.

We've made it very clear that there will be no negotiations, but unfortunately for them, they haven't gotten the message. Now it is time to resolve this matter once and for all.

Head to the bridge and eliminate all those intent on remaining there. The units in their control are hastily converted worker MTs that can easily be swept aside.



  • 3 Armored Car


Behind the three armored cars is the CR-LR24 which can be sold for a lot of money, and it contributes (like all secret parts) to the game completion rank. The first few targets are behind the barricades. None are too tough though as the basic Rifle can kill them easily. The tricky part comes with one MT on top of the barricade and one behind it. However none of the enemies are too tricky.


  • Behind the starting point there is a hidden part (WR-L24).
  • Also three Armored Cars are behind the starting point. This is probably the armored division mentioned in the briefing. However these units don't attack.

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