Eliminate Intruders is one of the three starting missions in Armored Core: Last Raven.

ACLR Eliminate Intruders

Zinaida arrives after the mission is completed.


Requester: Vertex

Operation Area: Old Nire Industrial Area

Objective: Eliminate Intruders

Reward: 60,000c


"Raven, an unknown force has invaded the Old Nire Industrial Area of Circ-City."

"Althrough they're few in number, we shouldn't take any chances now that the declared attack time is so close at hand."

"Those who encroach on your territory must be dealt with firmly."

"Make sure all of the intruders are eliminated."


A very simple mission, this mission has you fight against several enemy units, namely OSTRICH MTs which are you main targets as if they escape, you fail the mission. After a short amount of time, two CR-MT85Ms show up as reinforcements. The OSTRICH MTs should be taken out first and with powerful enough weapons and a good booster, you can take out all three before the reinforcements arrive. After they're destroyed, take out the MT85Ms and the mission is complete.

Hidden PartsEdit

There is a hidden part in this mission, the RASETSU parry blade. It is on the top alcove of the building that is behind you. It is recommended that you destroy the OSTRICHs before trying to get it otherwise you may fail the mission.

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