Eliminate Intruders is a mission in Armored Core: Master of Arena.


Requester: PROGTECH

Reward: 56000

Theater of operations: PROGTECH Corporate HQ

Enemy forces: Unknown

Objective: Destroy all enemies

Mission Area: Isaac City

Mission Scene: PROGTECH Corporate HQ

Safety Level: 98


We've relocated our Chief Scientist, Elan Cubis, to our Corporate HQ. Unfortunately our timing couldn't have been worse, as the building is now under attack.

The ID of the intruders is unknown and all attempts to stop their progress have failed. They're making headway towards the building's core and Elan's location.

We have no time to waste. A top-class Raven such as yourself is needed immediately. Take out the intruders.



[Elan]: "This is Elan Cubis. Nine-Ball is right in front of my current location. It seems as though I am not his target. I think he’s waiting for you. Be careful!"

[Hustler One]: "People who have too much power will destroy everything. You are one of those people."

[Elan]: "We’ve just been informed that all enemy units have retreated. I’ll contact you later regarding Nine-Ball."


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