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Requester: Vertex

Operation Area: Airsul Dam

Objective: Eliminate the enemy invaders

Reward: 60,000c


"An enemy force dispatched by one of the independent warlords has breached our airspace in the vicinity of the Airsul Dam. They must be dealt with immediately."

"According to initial reports, the enemy fore is relatively small. Taking care of them shouldn't pose any problems."

"We don't know what they hope to accomplish with such limited numbers, but they're obviously up to no good."

"Normally we'd take care of something like this on our own, but we can't spare any troops right now."

"We'd like you to resolve the problem. Head to the dam and eliminate the intruders."


The author did this mission with a tank. Not exactly the most fun mission but a good AC killer is necessary. You start out at the bottom of the damn with several Helicopters hovering about. A long range rifle will take them out and they're not that fragile. Afterwards an AC named Gambit shows up.


This AC moves in from the water and you have several options. The tank can take him out from the dam but be prepared against the orbit cannons he launches. Another solution is to use a hover and blade him to death. Missiles seem to also work well. Make sure you don't take too much damage (author was down to around 2000) as his partner, Sudden Drop shows up.

Sudden Drop

This AC moves in from the bottom of the dam (near the starting point) and is a flyer more than anything else. The Tank works, kind of but you may need to go toe to toe. He's not that durable. With the tank, you can wait him out to boost to the top of the dam and hit him good there. It's slow but it works.


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