The EKLAKH-ARMS is an Algebra weapon arm part that appears in Armored Core: For Answer.

Part DescriptionEdit

An integrated machine gun part known for its performance in combat.

ACFA Part Review:

Amazingly accurate machine gun arms. Their accuracy makes them laser beams that absolutely destroy PA, even at midrange. They have insane maneuverability, and are a very tough weapon to combat.

Part StatisticsEdit

Armored Core: For Answer - 1.4 RegulationsEdit

  • Part Type: Weapon Arm
  • Weight Class: -
  • Manufacturer: Algebra
  • Price: 120000c
  • Weight: 2120
  • EN Cost: 1500
  • AP: 6208
  • AC Defense (Average): 1152
  • Ballistic Defense: 1224
  • EN Defense: 1081
  • PA Rectification: 1880
  • PA Durability: 134
  • Attack Power (Ballist.): 349
  • PA Attenuation: 680
  • PA Penetration: 600
  • Firing Range: 340
  • Fire Rate: 5
  • Projectile Count: 2
  • Magazine Capacity: 2200
  • Cost Per Round: 30


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