Classification: Armored Core NEXT
Designer: Algebra
Generator: EKHAZAR-GEN
Chronological Info
Eras Active: Economic War
The EKHAZAR is a NEXT model that is seen in Armored Core: For Answer.


The EKHAZAR is a middleweight reverse-jointed NEXT based on Eqbal's SAUBEES model. It's an aerial fighter, with low energy drain and efficient, slightly underpowered, boosters focused in mid-to-close range battles. Despite it's middle-weight class, its defense rating and Primal Armor capabilties are low for its weight designation and are comparable to a lightweight, and even then are considered low.

Irbis Ornstein is the only Lynx that utilizes this model.


Despite great advances in NEXT-related developments, most NEXT-to-NEXT combat up to the Economic War era occurred on the ground, with few exceptions. Having been evolved to combat ground-borne Normals and other conventional fighting vehicles, complete with enough weaponry to deal with any airborne threats, aerial combat was very limited to experimental phases, greatly exemplified by Omer Science Technology's TYPE-JUDITH and TYPE-HOLOFERNES (formerly designated TYPE-KRAKEN)'s radical design. Eqbal's flagship model, the SOLUH (previously known as SALAF or SALAUX), was no different; it performed well as an aggressive close range fighter, with great ground mobility and raw firepower. Despite so, the severity of the Lynx War dwindled Eqbal's own roster of Lynxes, which exposed the weaknesses inherent in SOLUH's design. In addition to this, NEXT designs greatly advanced in a rate unsurpassed after the Lynx War, giving rise to technological marvels such as Interior Union's Y11-LATONA and Omer Science's TYPE-LAHIRE. With the SOLUH rapidly becoming an aging model, Algebra needed a new flagship design, thus serving a twofold goal: to rectify the shortcomings of their older model, and to reduce dependence on parts manufactured by other companies. To that end, Algebra chose not to expand upon the SOLUH, but rather its sister unit, the SAUBEES.

Algebra's interest in the SAUBEES were rooted in several observations, namely the perceived failure of Rosenthal’s project, the TYPE-HOGIRE and its crippling generalization, as well as wanting to exploit the emerging market for air combat-capable NEXTs. Algebra's own records regarding their former top-ranked Lynx, Sahdana, suggest that his successes were aided by his NEXT's aerial capability. Thus, the EKHAZAR was born.

The EKHAZAR was built with mid-range, aerial combat in mind. This departure from their previous experience with close-range combat led to many new developments. The first is the new head part's better camera functionality, putting it on par with average NEXT head designs. Secondly, strengthened Core and leg design, putting it firmly within the midweight class. Thirdly, and its most unique feature, is the stabilizing fins on the arms, necessitating it to fire weapons at a 90 degree angle, thereby increasing reliability and precision in mid-air combat.

Reflecting on its new role, Algebra developed new weapons to suit its needs. The first is the LABIATA medium rifle. Purely balanced with good attack power and ammo capacity, it was a serious contender to previously BFF and Rosenthal-dominated rifle market. The CANTUTA is an extended-range machinegun, giving the EKHAZAR a classic yet effective short-ranged deterrent. Lastly, the revolutionary SAPLA ultra-lightweight grenade launcher rounded off the new model's equipment.

Finally, EKHAZAR sports an all-new domestically developed line of generators, boosters, and FCS part; the latter famously known for its very high parallel processing capability. With Omer-developed KRB-PALLAS Assault Armor-capable Overed Booster being the only non-Algebra part, the EKHAZAR is the closest Algebra had ever been to a purely indigenous design.

Despite all its advantages, the EKHAZAR does possess a chief characteristic of former Eqbal's design doctrine: high AP, low overall defense. Indeed, EKHAZAR's defense rating is noticably lower than other midweight models. Another weakness is the inherent flaw of a reverse-joint leg, that is, low turning capability. In contrast with the SOLUH's top-notch turning capability, the EKHAZAR pales in comparison. Lastly, being focused entirely on solid-shell warfare, the indigenously designed generator and boosters are just enough to power the machine, leaving little spare energy to use.

A final note on the EKHAZAR's development is that Algebra has stuck to its roots carefully. Conscious about choosing aerial maneuverability as an area of specialization, they simultaneously developed a sister unit deliberately designed as a ground-superiority fighter, completing the old Eqbal's firmly believed doctrine of combined force assault, as the two NEXTs would be able to complement each other.

It is quite hard to judge the final performance of the EKHAZAR. A pessimistic observation is that, despite all the good decisions Algebra has made, a relative lack of skilled Lynxes that can bring Algebra back to its heyday may doom the ambitious company to mediocrity. It is undeniable that the EKHAZAR has big shoes to fill; it was built to replace a much loved veteran model, and was inspired by the personal machine of a hero from times gone by. For now, Algebra quietly puts all of their pride in this machine, hoping that one day, they can once again take the world by storm.


  • DUSKAROR - Ground-superiority variant of the EKHAZAR, it is optimized for lightning-fast hit-and-run tactics.
  • EKLAKH- A variant of the EKHAZAR and inspired by the late SAUTEES, the EKLAKH features machine gun weapon arms and the highest ammo storage at 2200 rounds.


EKHAZAR appears exclusively in Armored Core: For Answer . It is used by Algebra's top-ranked Lynx, Irbis Ornstein. Incidentally, Oldking's Lisa uses parts from both the EKHAZAR and TYPE-HOLOFERNES. The NEXT itself is not available at the start of the game, but completing Omer/Rosenthal/Algebra missions will unlock the schematic and necessary parts to complete it.

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