Duminas is an MT pilot in Armored Core 3.




He piloted a dark gray Kabaruri MT which was primarily equipped for ranged combat. He does not advance to become an AC pilot and due to his lack of appearances later on in the game as a consort, it is assumed that he dies during a mission.

He appears during the following missions as a consort:

MT BermudaEdit


Bermuda on the offensive

Equips a dumbed-down AC hover mechanism for improved mobility, and a powerful energy weapon as its main means of attack. Since armor was sacrificed to preserve mobility, the unit is typically used in a rear guard capacity.

MT Bermuda SpecificationsEdit

Name: Duminas

MT Name: Bermuda

MT Type: Hover MT

Armament/s: Plasma Cannon

Armor Points: 1,600

Tactical Style: Head-on charge

Strengths: Long range slow combat, distracted enemies

Weaknesses: Close range enemies, pilot's aggressive tendencies



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