Distribution Center Recon

Fighting Bolt.

Distribution Center Recon is one of the three starting missions in Armored Core: Last Raven.

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Requester: Alliance Headquarters

Operation Area: Diorgan Distribution Center

Reward: 136,000c


"We need help conducting reconnaissance of the Diorgan Distribution Center."

"This facility was once under our control, but is now occupied by Vertex."

"We have every intention of recapturing it, but not without first having a look around."

"Although your objective isn't to retake the facility, feel free to destroy any defenses that Vertex has stationed there."

"Proceed with caution, Raven."



Sheila:Their defenses seem pretty sparse; it should be safe to advance.

Bolt:What took you so long?

Bolt:My orders are to kill you!

Sheila:He's attacking; take him out!

Bolt:You're not half bad...

Bolt:I'm not done yet!

Bolt:This can't be...!

Sheila:Nicely done, you just picked up a bounty reward.

Sheila:Good job, Raven.

Jack-O:I expected this would be the outcome.

Jack-O:We must hurry...

Situation ReportEdit

The original plan was just to conduct reconnaissance, but as it turns out, this led to the capture of the facility.

The result bodes well for Alliance since they are bent on destroying Vertex.

Events are in motion. Stay alert.

Ed Weisz


Part OneEdit

You enter through an elevator and begin to move down the central road and into a sloping hallway. Little further down, a CR-MT77M is stationed and begins to attack with missiles. Destroy this (doesn't take much) and then enter the room like the one you've started in. This room has three CR-MT77M so mobility will help protect against damage. These models are vulnerable to blading and a good blade like the ELF 2 or 3 wil take them down quickly. After destroying them, go down on final hallway where a CR-MT83RS will begin to take potshots at you. Frag him and take a deep breath as Bolt is just outside.

Part TwoEdit

Okay, it's not really a second part but this is the major part of the battle. This is a common trend of Nexus return ACs but Bolt is upgraded with the SHADE replacing the HOLLOW and the GRIFFON replacing the GORGON. This makes him fairly dangerous as they deal good damage and heat stress. Since he's a PLUS (something that the player can never be legally) he uses the CR-WBW98LX while flying. Luckily you can see it active as electricity flows from the gun when it's active. He also flies around a lot but he's rather slow and can easily be outpaced.

A heavy AC is NOT recommended (I did it once but it was not fun) as the LX will blow the AC apart. Attack him with rapid fire weapons up close and try to blade him (he doesn't have one). Missiles, specifically Micros can be effective as long as you fire when he's on the ground. With a good agile medium weight AC can defeat Bolt with little problem, just make sure you watch your energy and make sure you don't get by the LX cannon or you'll loose 2000 some AP.

Secret PartEdit

  • CR-WBW78R: Of all places to put a secret part, the CR-WBW78R, a Dual Rocket launcher, is behind the generator to your right when you start the battle with Bolt. Due to the fact that there's some time after defeating Bolt, a faster AC can reach the part after defeating the AC.
  • JIKYOH: Defeat Bolt. That's all...


Armored Core Last Raven - Danger Halley VS Bolt04:52

Armored Core Last Raven - Danger Halley VS Bolt

Good fight against Bolt

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