Distract Union Defenses is a mission in Armored Core 3.

Distract Union Defenses

Sukutamu squad unit facing Union defenses.


Requester: Crest

Advance: 0

Upon success: 45000

Operation Area: Alba Moor

Enemy Forces: MTs, Fighter Jets (Unknown Number)

Objective: Occupy the stronghold's defenses

Operation Code: Dancing Clown

Client Name: Crest

Place Name: Alba Moor

Start Time: 15:00

Security Level: 2

Estimated Success Rate: 28%

Recommended Raven Rank: B


We've located a Union stronghold in the Alba Moor. Preparations are underway to wipe it out.

We'll begin the assault with a barrage of long-range missiles, followed by a massive ground offensive.

In order to succeed, the launch vehicles need time to get into position and unleash their payload.

Keep the stronghold's defenses occupied until the launch vehicles are ready to strike, once they do, our ground forces will take over.



Squad Leader:All units, lock and load!

Transport Pilot:The launch vehicles are moving into position. Keep the enemy focused on your AC.

Laine Meyers:Keep their defenses occupied until the missiles can be launched.

Squad Leader:Raven, we need to keep ‘em busy! Draw as much attention as you can!

Squad Member:I’m finished!

Squad Member:Arrrgh!

Squad Member:I’m hit!

Launch Coordinator:All missiles are prepped for launch. Get our guys out of there!

Laine Meyers:Missile launch imminent. Get back to the transport!

Laine Meyers:Missiles launched! Raven, get clear!


Funds: 14,000c


This mission can and most likely will be very difficult. You need to be quick on your feet to avoid the barrage of enemy fire. While enemies respawn it is not advisable to keep them alive as killing them provides a temporary respite from fire. Also your allies provide some support fire but they will most likely be killed by the overwhelming odds of enemies. After the time runs out, you need to get to the escape point in time. This mission may take multiple times to succeed but the MWG-KARASAWA is worth it. Note that the KARASAWA can only be obtained by doing this mission after Destroy Gun Emplacements to unlock the KARASAWA.

Your best bet is to use a high AP AC along with an ECM inside (preferably MWI-EM/15 or KWI-EM/10 ) and a missile intercept extension. Having OP-INTENSIFY can give you a little more percentage of succeeding with the boost enhancement for getaways. Start by boosting backwards reaching the yellow area boundary line. Using the ECM inside, look up and dispense one at a time (until the released pod explodes). Note that you should stay put at one spot and keep your ECM close to you. The ECM prevents jets from locking onto you which can block missiles homing in on you. Doing this, you have given yourself about two minutes free from missile attacks. Hence that ECMs can only stop missiles (well for this mission) but ground MTs that shoot plasma beams can still aim at you so it is best to check around your area without moving around as much. If you are out of ECMs, you have to fight the best you can for at least another two and a half minutes. Turning on your extensions can intercept most missiles and dodging the rest is all up to you. When the mission is complete boost back to the escape point and the KARASAWA is yours.


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