Disrupt Shipping Lanes is the sixth mission in Armored Core: Project Phantasma.


Requester: Sumika

Reward: 36000

Location: Rampart bridge

Mission: Disrupt enemy transport vehicles

Mission Place: "180 Angle" Gate

Mission Code Name: Blockade Runner

Start Time: 0355


We want you to disrupt "Project Phantasma" related shipping lines.
Although we do not have many details on the project, we should not
ignore it's existence.

The targets are the enemy transport vehicles. Note that the Rampart
bridge is located in front of the military zone.

Before they cross the bridge, destroy all enemy transports. If even
one of them gets through, the mission will be considered a failure.

We have established a surveillance operation before the bridge at
points A, B, and C. we will keep you updated, so listen for details.



<Sumika>: "We have confirmed the presence of the transport vehicles."

<Sumika>: "They are almost past point A."

<Sumika>: "They are now close to point B."

<Sumika>: "They will pass point C soon."

<Sumika>: "We lost them. We have failed."

<Sumika>: "All vehicles destroyed. Well done!"


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