Destroy the Internecine is one of the final missions in Armored Core: Last Raven.


Requester: Jack-O

Operation Area: Underneath Circ-City

Objective: Destroy the Internecine

Reward: AC Part - CR-YC03U4


"Due to its inherent dangers, this assignment is one that many ravens would hesitate to accept. It is my sincere hope that this is will not deter you though."

"My final request is that you destroy the Internecine and bring an end to the Pulverizers."

"The Pulverizers are weapons that gather data from their battles; this data is then transmitted to and processed by the Internecine to create a new, and more deadly version of Pulverizer."

"Your target is housed inisde the facility located beneath Circ-City. It's guarded by swarms of unmanned suicide weapons it produces to defend itself."

"Everything has been leading up to this moment, Raven. The future rests in your hands."



AC SetupEdit

While this mission can be done with possibly any AC design, several designs work very well and are shown in the videos.

The most common is something called the Lobster which is a reverse joint fitted with the CETUS linear cannon arms and the 98E EO core.

Another is dual wielded solid weapons. If you have the HP hanguns with stored backups, they work well if you know how to use them. Dual wield rifles work well also.

Tanks can do it too, but that requires a bit of skill. One of the videos below shows it.

Quad-leg built for maximum maneuverability with LX cannon and shade 2. Two well placed shots with the cannon takes out the legs, and then it's a game of not being out-maneuvered.

It is also possible to exploit the boss' AI and get them stuck on the ceiling, although this requires a very specific design: low drain boosters, energy extensions, a powerful blade (LB3 or ELF3) and some luck to do. LORIS arms and low drain parts for the rest of the AC are vital to give you the edge you need.

Finally, you need rockets and the ability to eject weapons, like the rockets. You'll need the speed to keep up with the boss.


You start in a ventilation shaft like system with the Unknowns (Unmanned Suicide Weapons) flying around. Unlike in other missions, they don't home in on you and come in four possible areas, lower left, lower right and the respective upper regions. This makes them easy to dodge if you take your time.

There are three paths that you can go through: two of the three feature three laser bars, while the third features only two. Most bipeds can get through the two, but tanks can only get through with one. These can be destroyed, but just make sure an Unknown doesn't ram you.

After getting past the Unknowns and laser bars and hopefully not taking much damage, you enter the Internecine. Here you have five energy generators that fire SHADE like lasers at you. A simple trick is that they have very bad targeting and a bit of strafing one way of direction will prevent them from hitting you. Shoot some rockets (large rockets take one shot to destroy the generators) and you're done... with the second part. As the room turns blue, drop the rockets and any excess weapons and prepare for the final boss.

And it is... Zinaida or rather, her Ultimate form. Zinaida's AC is tuned to unbelievable levels of cheapness. All of her weapons are tuned to deal more damage than normally possible, she has unlimited energy and you're probably beat half to death from the first two parts.

At range she tends to use the NIX and PYTHON, but up close the LAMIA2 will shred you. Like all single shot weapons, you can trick the PYTHON into hitting the ground if you jump right as the weapon is charging.

You need to be quick on the trigger and a bit lucky to fight her here. For the Lobster design, pop up the EOs and set the linear cannons to their second firing mode. Dual wielders make sure the EOs are active and that both weapons are going at once. She tends to stay on the ground in the PS2 version but in PSP she tends to stay airborne making her a lot tougher.

For the bladers, begin to boost up and hope that she flies the right way. Use the extensions the first time to give you more energy and if she gets stuck on the ceiling and a piece of the support structure (which frequently happens because of her AI and unlimited boosting) start slashing her and use the extensions when you get low. It turns into a damage and energy race, the former of which you'll win with the right blade.

With a bit of skill, right design and luck, you'll defeat her.


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