Destroy the Detachment is one of two choices for the ninth mission in Armored Core: Project Phantasma.


Requester: Sumika

Reward: 32000

Location: Downtown Amber Crown

Mission: Destroy the detachment

Mission Place: "Amber Crown" Town Area

Mission Code Name: Gimlet

Start Time: 2145


We need you to completely destroy the Doomsday Organization

The detachment has been seen gathering in the downtown area of Amber

Their intent is currently unknown, but it's a perfect opportunity for
us. We're hoping that if the detachment is destroyed, Project Phantasma
will fall through.




<Sumika>: "They have gathered as we heard. They have not taken notice of us yet. We will begin the infiltration."

<Sumika>: "We have discovered enemy reinforcements. This might be a good opportunity. Let’s destroy them."

<Sumika>: "More reinforcements? Please be careful."

<Sumika>: "We have received confirmation that all opposition has been defeated. Our mission is complete. Let’s go home."


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