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A force of unidentified origin has been spotted moving through the Garav Desert.

The units that make up the force are of a highly unusual design and appear to be hostile.

I'm planning on launching an attack, but would prefer to not go it alone.

According to Jack you're quite an accomplished pilot. Meet me in the desert if you're interested in the assignment.

Requester: Evangel

Operation Area: Garav Desert

Objective: Eliminate the suspicious force

Reward: 142,000c


This could be time for one of the most infamous lines ever to be uttered: "It's a trap!" as that pretty much sums up this mission.

You start with Evangel and you facing off against some MOLEs. These guys are MTs with AST Pulse Cannons and the ability to dive underneath the ground. They also pop out to shoot and their attacks are fairly powerful. There is also little place to hide so you want to do your best to dodge shots and conserve ammo, just in case.

After a few waves, you and Evangel defeat then and Evangel turns on you. This is why you want to conserve AP and ammo as Evangel is fairly nasty. Not only is he mobile but his Linear Rifle has stun as does his Linear Cannon. Like all other bosses he has the OP-INTENSIFY so he's going to be mobile. After getting him down to about half health he'll leave.


  • The Commission or Briefing is grammatically incorrect. It should be "...prefer to not go in alone.".
  • However, seeing as how "going it alone" is an idiom and a common one at that, along with the fact that human beings aren't always concerned with being grammatically correct when speaking, the above statement is superfluous at best and honestly didn't even need to be said.


Armored Core Last Raven Destroy Suspicious Force03:01

Armored Core Last Raven Destroy Suspicious Force

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