Destroy Plant's Defenses is a mission in Armored Core: Last Raven.


Requester: Alliance Tactical Unit

Operation Area: Querr Energy Plant

Objective: Destroy all enemy defenses

Reward: 132,000c

Mission SummaryEdit

This mission request has been issued by Alliance's Tactical Unit and involves softening up the defenses at one of Vertex's power plants in preparation for a later attack using unmanned weapons.

Ed Weisz


"Preparations are underway to unleash a squad of unmanned units on one of Vertex's power plants."

"The facility in question is heavily guarded and will need to be softened up first."

"Take out all the enemy's defenses so we can safely deploy our unmanned units."

"Vertex's proposed time of attack is soon approaching; we need all the help we can get."



Sheila:Eliminate all targets.

Sheila:Take out the reinforcements as well.
Sheila:Area secured.

Sheila:Good work.

Situation ReportEdit

Initial reports indicate that Alliance's follow-up attack on the power plant using their unmanned weapons was a resounding success.

The elimination of the plant's defenses played a key role in depriving Vertex of yet another vital facility.

Ed Weisz


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